Electric Motorsport stage two

Hair, 19 January 2016

Since we have us just so on the electric racing series formula used to E and already comes the next Championship, which completely dispenses with gasoline, exhaust and engine sound. Other than the single seater racers of the formula E GT cars on the basis of the model S Tesla are however used. We have the information about the first season of the electric GT.

Eleven races in 2017

The Championship will carry out in the premiere year eight race weekends in Europe. Driving will be from August 2017 including at the Nürburgring, Barcelona, Donington and Assen. There are also three races in America on the map, that is however not counted to the Championship after the actual season. Special feature: The electric GT Championship does not occur in the programme of an other race series, but organized their own events with the trappings of the suitable for E-mobility. Every weekend race distance provides a workout, a qualifying and two races with 60 kilometres. At the Nürburgring that would not be produced depending on route only between 12 and 14 rounds more battery capacity of vehicles yet.

Interesting features

Thanks to similar cars, but also a short distance promises exciting racing. Above all, because the cars all drive data into an app download in real time, where the audience then live follow the race and ride their favorites can an absolute novelty in motor sport. If the drive then like the fans, you can send a "like" directly into the car the driver, which then appears on the Central display. The driver has a second time, he can return the like with one wipe to the fans. Sounds weird, but works.

The technique of the Renner

As vehicles, 20 Tesla model S P100D will be used. Ten teams take care of construction, use and maintenance of the car. Thanks to various weight reductions could slim the sedan in racing trim about 500 kilograms and is to weigh only around 1,500 kilograms. So dropping the 0-100 time of the racing-Tesla on legendary 2.1 seconds. Otherwise only the significantly lighter vehicles in the RallyCross Championship can do it. A shrink-wrapped roll cell ensures the safety of Tesla Renner. The driver sits as in professional motor sports usual in a full bucket seat and is secured by suspenders straps. A removable steering wheel is also on board as a fire extinguisher. In addition to the weight the aerodynamics, the brakes, the Steering and suspension were also revised to allow a race tracks usage. These slick tyres are Pirelli.

Power in the box

After their exits quickly to recharge the 20 E-racer, the organizer of the Championship are entered into a cooperation with the energy service provider Magnum Cap. The company provides 20 fast charging stations every race weekend, with which the model S should be ready in a very short time.

Some celebs at the start

Some of the 20 by the organizers "Electric Heroes" mentioned driver is ready already. Touring car specialist Tom Coronel and Le-Mans professional Oliver Webb are among the most prominent athletes. And if you have now leaked blood: some places are still available, according to the organizers. The cost for a team with two cars should be at around exclusive spare parts, tyres and transport 900,000 euros. After all, you can save gasoline. (mf)