E-vans from Ford and Post

Cologne, 16. August 2017

The largest electric fleet in Germany operates? Properly, the Deutsche Post DHL. It is a nationwide vehicles, with more than 3,000 E-type street scooter Work, and Work L, as well as around 10,500 Pedelecs in use. However, the emission-free broadcast service is to be extended. For this reason, the Post has developed together with Ford together with a new and larger E-Transporter, and the result of the collaboration is now in Cologne presented the StreetScooter Work XL. Pure Music Of The Future? This year, the first 150 pre-production vehicles will be integrated into the fleet.

20 cubic meters up to a range of 200 kilometres

The car was based on a Ford Transit chassis, with a battery-electric powertrain and a vehicle body structure according to the specifications of the German Post office is equipped. The load space with shelves is from the cab to walk on. It has a capacity of 20 cubic meters (approximately the equivalent of 200 average packages). The battery system is 30 to 90 kilowatt-hours to be modular and to allow for lengths between 80 and 200 km. The charging power is 22 kW. Thus, the Work XL after an average of three hours to the outlet could be ready for use again.

Market leader in green logistics

Per year and per vehicle, five tons of CO2 emissions, or 1,900 litres of Diesel could be saved. And since until the end of 2018 a total of 2,500 cars of the model in the street scooter factory in Aachen, is the savings potential of 12,500 tonnes of CO2, or up to 4.75 million liters of Diesel. "The new model of the StreetScooter Work XL extended our E-fleet for the commercial vehicle sector. It is the ideal vehicle for package delivery in large cities and Metropolitan areas, and will enable us, the growing parcel volumes, nor the environment to cope-friendly, namely, pollution-free and quieter. At the same time, we are reinforcing our commitment to our claim to be market leaders in the green logistics," says Post group Board of management member J├╝rgen Gerdes. A perspective view of the Work XL to be sold to third-party customers, even when the street scooter models Work, and Work L is practiced.(ml)