Driving Report - VW Golf GTE Stromer with petrol in their blood

Stromer with petrol in their blood

Volkswagen placed an alternatively powered model after another and leads from autumn golf GTE in the market. The plug-in hybrid dominated purely electric driving, as well as sporting manners. We were with the rapid compacts already underway.

In the VW Golf GTE, next Jetta Hybrid and E - golf, another large series of Volkswagen vehicle with an electric motor on board, it's not just about fuel economy. The message is clear: This begins with the historical model name, was earlier but never used by Volkswagen, but from Audi. What counts is the "GT" for Gran Turismo, which always stands for something sporty. Then the checkered sport seats with prominent cheek - the GTE has GTI genes. Here, the Compact can be moved with 150 kW/204 hp right sparingly, if a few conditions are met.

An outlet in the garage at home or for city dwellers a charging station nearby are a must to exploit the savings potential of GTE. Because up to 50 kilometers far runs this golf purely electrical, and that does not even phlegmatic. It comes with 75 kW/102 hp forward, up to 130 km / h, the Wolfsburg-be, it should go faster, supports the turbocharged Nitro. And you can depress the right pedal quietly courageous, because before the kick-down switch, it actually stays at 100 percent electric - drive, if the E-mode is active. Trying the driver, however the kick-down and maximum acceleration is on the program, regardless of the setting currently selected.

© VWVW Golf GTE   Of the latter there are incidentally four in number. For performance enthusiasts, the " GTE " switch is best suited. This mode is rarely driven electrically - at best slow creep done alone the e-machine, gently stroking the accelerator already calls the four-cylinder on the plan. Then we join forces forward, and if necessary 100 km / h mark falls wiry 7.6 seconds. This always plenty of battery reserves are available for boosting, the Nitro invites zealous after than in other modes with activated GTE button. A sound generator accompanies the driving skills orgies, so that the GTE is also used for genuine GTI fans to the alternative.

Who has failed to charge the GTE, but still want to go electric, can be completely full load in the appropriate setting from the petrol engine the battery.

In the hybrid car mode not worry about possible engine-transmission combinations you have to make. The computer is instructed to always go in the favorable range for operation, unless in any case still juice in the lithium-ion battery in place and electrical operation is called for. Sailing, coopt and control of gasoline engine as electricity - the management of the components is complex and additionally there is the six-stage dual-clutch gearbox, which had to design specially for the GTE engineers, namely, it houses the electric motor.

Speaking of E-machine: even with all-electric drive is switched through the gears. Which is a little unusual feeling because most electric vehicles have only a passage due to the torque curve over. And although here available GTE still has prototype status as developer Tino Laue emphasizes the transitions between modes, such as the switching or the decoupling of the combustor and the switching operations are carried out smoothly. Too much time for fine-tuning also no longer remain the technicians, they ultimately want to introduce the innovative golf in a few months.

About a prize to the Wolfsburg mention of yet, but show instead that they would offer the GTE fair. It should be on the level of e-golf, so at around 35,000 euros. Outsiders recognize the GTE way to the blue clip on the radiator grille. LED headlamps are also standard here analogous to the E-Golf. Also, some electronic gimmicks such as the E-manager to program load times, a power flow display and the range monitor can recognize the relationship Electric Golf. Of course, there will be an app that will help you can get things like the charge state or the air conditioning on the telephone display. In contrast to the E-Golf GTE has but a tachometer, though the calm would have slightly larger allowed to fail. However, details such as these reveal just that you sit in the GTE and not in the GTI.

VW Golf GTE - Specifications:

Five-seater sedan in the compact class Length: 4.27 meters Width: 1.80 meters Height: 1.45 meters Wheelbase: 2.63 meters   Electric engine with 75 kW/102 hp and 1.4 - liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with direct injection and 110 kW/150 hp, 150 kW/204 hp system performance, maximum torque: 350 Nm, Vmax 222 km / h, 0-100 km / h in 7.6 s, average fuel consumption: 1.5 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 35 g / km, efficiency: A +

Who wants to follow the electric trend and not want to do without feeling GTI, should be grateful for what the Wolfsburg have accomplished since.