Driving Report - Audi S1 Sharp S

Sharp S

It seems that the A1 Quattro limited encouragement found. Now Audi makes the fans of rapid small car the gift of a similarly strong S1. The price is fortunately far below that of the small series.

Hey, what's that? Looks like an Audi A1, but with a modified graph of the known LED tail lights. It sports a huge spoiler, and exhaust system with four pipes is hard to miss. It is a 170 kW/231 hp small car from Ingolstadt - here in the form of S1. With the considerable power value Audi leads the segment in this respect to date, and the power does not have to lead to fuel excesses, such as the average consumption of seven liters per 100 kilometers (162 g CO2/km) proves. But even Audi Technical Director Ulrich Hackenberg must confess a smile that it would probably not stay here often. Finally, the S1 make powerful driving pleasure.

Immediately after the boarding of the flea is to suspect that he is a driving machine. If nestle the sprawling sports seats at the back, fix the body in the center panel pronounced side bolsters, it is clear that it could go dynamic here soon. The metal shift lever fits snugly in your hand - he is no alternative in this case, there is only the mechanical six-speed gearbox.

© AudiWer ordered the S1, does not necessarily make many crosses on the options list to lead a happy life motorists .   Fans had to scroll for the limited edition of 333 units A1 Quattro nearly 50,000 euros on the table, the S1 for inexpensive 29.950 Euros will be offered. There is a slim-cut cabin, but even more fun to drive. Even the rich sound of the turbocharged four-cylinder occasion makes you want more, a extensive test run ie. Metallic crisp engages the first gear, and the little Audi sprints toxic going on. Traction problems there are none, to permanent four-wheel drive comes to the buyer in connection with the S1 not around. However, it did those responsible to keep the curb weight at just 1.3 tons in check. Analogous to the S3 Convertible also gets the S1 explains the Haldex coupling of the latest generation with a significant weight saving, as series specialist Jörg-Urs Fuchs. In addition, the most powerful small car from Ingolstadt will benefit from a modified rear axle with four control arms to keep the ride as stable as possible. After the first test laps with the lifestyle racer can prove his manners agile and precise handling. The newly developed power steering helps.

The firm damper settings, however, shows that the S1 anything but a car is traveling. It turns out when driving over bumps as quite uncompromising, but this is hardly disturb his fans. With a quoted top speed of 250 km / h and a standard sprint of 5.8 seconds to 100 items of less than four meters long City Renner makes the great and strong competition. The optionally available red brake calipers with S1 logo ( 300 Euro ) may safely be taken as a warning.

The short translation gives the S1 is a subjective feeling snappy, all stages of the stocked with magnesium housing box snap precisely. Just keep it all knobs and switches - in processing quality Audi is also the smallest range one hundred percent. The instruments neatly-read round dial presented in a striking gray, so that the white numbers produce a fine contrast. A black headliner underscores the wiry impact of Bavaria.

Who ordered the S1, does not necessarily make many crosses on the options list to lead a happy life motorists. Even electronically adjustable dampers, automatic climate control and xenon headlights are standard. Send Alus in 215/40-Format belong to the sporty look of this, even if they come at the expense of comfort. To sounded moderately to help the two-liter on the jumps, the technicians installed a corresponding generator quite an impact in practice.

Compared fair 500 Euro charge migrates an extensive navigation on board with many additional features such as Google Earth or Street View integration. In addition, the package streaming music and even a Wi-Fi hotspot. Operation is kommod about the Audi MMI system well known. If the budget is higher, the large hard Navi for 2650 € is available. This includes a 20 GB music storage, whereas (250 euros ), the digital radio reception ( 300 euros ) and the sound system with ten speakers seem downright cheap.

Audi S1 - Specifications:

Two-door, four-seater small car Length: 3.98 meters Width: 1.74 meters Height: 1.42 meters Wheelbase: 2.47 meters   2.0 - liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with direct injection, 170 kW/231 hp, maximum torque: 370 Nm at 1600-3000 r / min, Vmax 250 km / h, 0-100 km / h in 5.8 s, average fuel consumption: 7,0 l/100 km, CO2 emissions: 162 g / km, Price: from 29.950 euro

Who is on the Polo R WRC, but do not want to miss four rings on the grille, for which there is only one possibility: Audi S1.