Dobrindt speaks of illegal software at Audi

Ingolstadt, 2nd June 2017

Actually, you like yes no longer hear, read, or write. All long, we know that have played the brand of the VW Group (and several other car manufacturers) in the diesel exhaust to a considerable extent. It is new, but now, that the German Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt, who hitherto prefer something played down the matter now publicly speaks of an illegal shut-off facility at Audi.

Dobrindt contradicts VW

As various media report in accordance, Dobrindt has on May 31 by the software and talked about the thing the next day with VW Chief Müller. The use of "cycle-optimized" software in the United States and in Europe is given by the VW Group. But the Group denies that the changes in Europe have violated the rules. If Dobrindt now speaks of illegal software, he thus implicitly contradicts the VW Group.

Audi responded with callback

Audi now responded with a press release on the subject. Then the manufacturer when checking the transmission software of different models even wants to have detected "Abnormalities" and displayed the Federal motor transport authority. At about 24,000 cars of series A7 and A8 with V6 and V8 diesel engines with Euro-5 classification "in certain driving conditions" there are around 20 to 100 percent exceeded the NOx limit value. These cars of model years 2010 to 2013 are now recalled and corrected the gearbox software, so Audi.

Turns off the automatic watch different?

The increased emissions occur under what driving conditions, does not share with Audi. It is so not said how often they occur or whether about all driving conditions are meant, where is located the car not on the test bench. Gear and not engine software was used in the now-seasoned shenanigans. This variant is already known from the United States. According to Audi was "the engine speed in some areas adversely by gearbox software affected". This is so to understand that the automatic system on the test bench up earlier and later shuts down than on the street, which lowers the emissions during the test.

Callback from July 2017

The callback is to start in the July 2017. In Germany, about 14,000 of the total 24,000 cars are affected. Because only a new software is played up, the time required according to Audi is only about 30 minutes. The manufacturer on its customers wants to apologize for the resulting inconvenience. (sl)