Digital lion bullet unleashed

Cologne, May 8, 2015

If the real world is no longer sufficient, then the showdown, the automaker has just transferred into the virtual world. A ring of this are the digital racing venues in the Playstation classic Gran Turismo 6. Peugeot has already created more than 15 racing cars for the race simulation. Now the French automaker came after the call, to make a new model for the 15th anniversary of the game. Curtain and screens on the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo.

Monolithic Design without Aero Kit

The Peugeot designers and engineers Peugeot Sport developed a supercar that can be identified as a long-haul vehicle. Because much of the classical aerodynamic elements is missing, there was a very special body shape. The required aerodynamic downforce arises primarily through the entire shaping of the car. With a height of just 1.04 meters, the monolithic wedge is so cut the virtual wind.

Digital engine and virtual weights

The arranged directly behind the pilot V6 turbo engine with 3.2 liter displacement transmits its 875 digital horses through a six-speed manual permanently to all four wheels ( the front 22, rear 23 inches ). In conjunction with the low weight of only 875 kg also arises after Adam Riese, a power to weight ratio of one kilogram per hp. Of this should benefit mainly the Sprint ability. From the prior flat Frenchman goes in just 1.7 seconds to 100 km of the race car is delayed more than four ventilated carbon brake discs from Brembo with a diameter of the front 380 and rear 337 millimeters.

Available soon free

Soon the virtual pilots are the Peugeot Vision Gran Turismo can test on 40 tracks and in 107 configurations. The long-distance racer is available in six colors and will be available automatically to the next free update of the Playstation game . (ml)