Diesel Offensive in the USA

Detroit (USA), 18. January 2018

The Diesel Car-drive it currently has is not easy. Even in the case of us diesel goopy German be star decreases dramatically: in 2017 sales of new cars shrank with a self-igniter in comparison to 2016, a 13.2 percent share of the market shrank by 7.1 percent. But now, the Diesel experienced, of all people in the USA to make a Comeback in the passenger Car Segment.

Diesel dynamics in Detroit

According to the VW scandal in the year 2015 almost all industry experts believed that the Diesel is off of commercial vehicles in the United States as dead as a doornail. Previously, even the most extensive campaigns of German manufacturers had achieved only limited success. Now, U.S. manufacturers, but especially on the auto show NAIAS in Detroit (15. to 28. January 2018) Diesel-versions of the most popular model series.

Self-Igniting Bestseller

In the forefront of the big three automakers Ford, GM and Chrysler (also known as FCA) and your Pick-ups are the "Big Three". In 2017, more than 65 percent of 17,25 million U.S. new vehicle registrations Pick-ups (in the United States, "trucks") or SUVs. The three best-selling cars, the Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado and the RAM 1500, the to get a in-house V6-Diesel with three liters of displacement. An example of the "Power Stroke is made at this point"-aggregate in the F-150: 250 PS and 597 nm of torque are waiting to be used, is standard on a ten-speed automatic transmission on Board. The towing capacity is more than 5.1 tons, and is expected to be in the literal word for " sun " weighty Argument.

USA: Diesel Fuel is more expensive

What are the advantages of the Diesel make a Comeback? Although the US does not have quite as strict requirements for the fleet emissions of CO2, but lower consumption is not certainly a disadvantage. And the exhaust? The Ford F-150 Diesel to the reduction in AdBlue and a particulate filter. However, it should be in the rural areas of the United States, the main sales market of such Pick-ups, the word "environmental zone" is unknown. The increased range might not be an Argument, however, there are in the United States everywhere passenger Car Diesel. In addition, the fuel in the absence of tax reduction is, as in Germany, more expensive than petrol.

Diesel for high-volume models

Nevertheless, more and more manufacturers offer a Diesel Option: a Jeep, a three-liter V6 in the new Wrangler, Kia soon in the Sorento. Chevrolet equips two popular series with a self-igniter in the SUV Equinox, as well as the compact car Cruze customers can choose a 1.6-litre Diesel with 137 PS of power. In the Cruze, the fuel consumption of 52 miles per gallon, the equivalent of 4.5 litres. And the German manufacturer? Here, BMW holds only the Flag on high: For the 328d (aka our 320d) and the X5, the 540d adds now. Audi, Mercedes and VW renounce the diesel models.(rh)