Diesel award: a confidence trick or a fine Deal?

Berlin, 11. August 2017

The manufacturer premiums for old diesel cars to beat high waves. Anyone who brings up the end of the year, of a compression-ignition engine with Euro 4 standard or worse to the dealer and scrap, give a lot of money. The latest example of Opel is that if you for at least six months Old Diesel, there are between 1,750 Euro (Karl) and 7,000 euros (Insignia) of the premium when buying a new car. The type of drive doesn't matter. It is exactly this point provides a split of opinion in politics and associations.

ACE: don't instant access!

The automobile club ACE warns purchases of the consumer from Spontaneously because of the acquisition of a new diesel fuel is not recommended at the present time without restriction. ACE-Chairman Stefan Secretly recommends that, by September of 2017 to be seen if Diesel with the new emissions standard, Euro 6d come out on the market. Is irritated but Secretly, from the often-used term "environmental premium": "the car manufacturers to build clean cars, then declare that a Software Update is suddenly out of dirty cars, clean cars, and a few days later, a buying offensive for supposedly clean vehicles. It doesn't fit", so Secretly.

VCD: Higher discounts without premium

Even more drastic Gerd Lottsiepen, traffic policy spokesman of the "ecological traffic club" VCD. For him, the measure is a "discharge bonus", with which the car manufacturer "from the diesel Scam free want to buy". The dwindling sales of the "marketing tool intended to compensate for" premium. Lottsiepen demands that it should be only for "Cars that are really clean, energy-efficient E-cars and Hybrid" premium. He also points out that car buyers can often obtain without the premium higher discounts.

Dudenhöffer has a Plan

Ferdinand Dudenhöffer, head of the CAR Institute at the University of Duisburg-Essen, under its own proposal for a solution to the Diesel problem. The key points: Every owner of a Diesel Car in Germany will be given a voucher of the Federal Ministry of Finance in the amount of 2,000 Euro for a Hardware retrofit on his car. The payout is done after the implementation of a SCR catalytic Converter will be installed on. For this, the carmaker will issue a release. The cost of 20.2 billion euros to provide the tax Changes. So the diesel fuel, like gasoline is to be taxed, at the same time, the Vehicle will be reduced-the tax for Diesel to gasoline engine-level. After two and a half years, the retrofits would be paid for. Anyone who does not convert will be punished with a red sticker and must not drive in the inner cities. According to Dudenhöffer, the polluter-pays principle applies in the case of his Plan: it is Not the taxpayers', but the 'polluter pays', so the driver of the Diesel Cars.

SPD: rate for electric mobility?

The automobile club AvD welcomes the premiums as a useful Supplement of the package of measures to improve air quality in the cities. In addition, it calls the policy a holistic traffic concept for the future of individual mobility. SPD Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz to bring a "binding European E-mobility ratio" in the game, the share of electric vehicles is significantly increased. For commercial E-cars will be also introduced a temporary special tax depreciation of 50 per cent, in the year of acquisition. Target should be by 2020 in Germany to 100,000 columns, including at least one third charge to fast charge.

E-car registrations will rise slowly

In part, the back cover gets Schulz from the CAM Institute and its Director Stefan Bratzel. There you have analyzed the electro-mobility in international comparison, and the sales figures. Thus, the market share rose from electrified vehicles in Germany in the first half of 2017, from 0.6 percent to 1.3 percent. 10.189 pure electric cars have been in this country sold, an increase of 134 percent compared to the same period last year. Although the CAM is expecting due to the increased use of E-cars in the offer of the manufacturer, with significantly higher Numbers from the beginning of the early 2020s. Nevertheless, the introduction of a quota system for Zero-emission vehicles in the new registrations would be useful, as an example, California is called.

Maneuver in the planned economy?

Sharp rejection gets the "Schulz-rate" from the middle class and the FDP, while the CDU and the Green keep up to date on this topic, and the Diesel premium is covered. Mario Ohoven, President of the Federal Association of small and medium-sized business in the E-car-rate "a transparent campaign maneuver by Martin Schulz, electro-mobility needs to be encouraged through incentives, not by force", sun Ohoven. FDP-Chef Christian Lindner detects even trains of the planned economy. In a guest contribution for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) says Lindner, "that politicians today can prophesy, which is a technology of the future is the most environmentally friendly, is a misconception." Likewise, great opportunities for a low-emission mobility could provide alternative drives like the fuel cell, but also synthetic fuels.(rh)