Devel Sixteen is walking down a difficult path

We know about the Devel Sixteen? That, according to its Dubai-based creators thick, 6.000 bhp which hypercar? It seems now not sure whether this car is actually built.

In 2013, the Dubai-based Defining Extreme Vehicles Car Industry L. L. C. (Devel) the Sixteen, a which hypercar with not only eye-catching lines, but also a kolderiek powerful powertrain. The structure would feature a V16 with four turbo's and not less than 5,000 hp, good for 1.8 to count to from 0 to 100 km/h sprint. Its intended top speed: 560 km/h. Yes, I do.

The American magazine Road&Track writes now on the basis of an unspecified source that there are problems with the development of the car. Devel hooked in 2017, the Manifattura Automobili Torino for the development of the car, a company that, according to the magazine already has withdrawn from the project. That brings some problems, because Devel would struggle with the cooling of the V16. For this block of American origin, that is purely for the dragstrip was intended, the company may not have a suitable cooling system to develop. In addition, it could also be the aerodynamics of the car are problematic, and shows the car tend to go at high speed from the ground. Continued.