Detroit 2018: Lexus shows-edged LF-1 Limitless

Detroit, 16. January 2018

You take in eight. Yes, the future of the Lexus is-Nobel-crossover is a sword. If you have thought so at the first sight of this new Lexus SUV-study "man, that looks pretty sharp and edgy", then you are absolutely right. Because the new LF-1 Limitless Concept Lexus quoted "as it were, the reduced and elegant shape of a Japanese sword". Admittedly, we are still looking for "reduced" and "elegant". With the statement that the LF-1 Limitless clubs, "the organic contours of molten metal with the razor-sharp blade of a classic Katana," we can begin, however, significantly more.

The new Lexus LX is here?

After all, it seems, has laminated the mighty proportions of the LF-1 Concept art. The flat roof line, the low-profile Stand and the short Overhangs allow him to at least not look like the five-Meter-long, two meters wide and 1.6 meters high battleship, that's what he is. Typical of Lexus, the various beads and edges, as well as the ever more insane and more present, therefore, coming Diabolo grille. What would be stamped with manufacturers other than pure fair-Chi-Chi-glitter-Design, the Lexus is, therefore, relatively close to the series. And so the LF could show-1 Limitless, as the successor to the SUV flagship, the LX will look like. The LX, currently have a 5.07 metres in length, is probably not realized in Europe. The Biggest thing we get is 4.89 meters long, the Lexus RX.

Inside with hospitality

In the interior of the LF-1 Limitless, we recognize less swords, but a lot of Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). The leather interior in cocoa brown with white Seats and contributing as much as the metal panels, based on the titanium-colored outer coating of beans on the inside. Lexus promises amounts of space and for the backbenchers, the same seats as the front. LEDs in the wooden door panels to provide a variety of colors for ordinary light magic in the LF-1-pulpit. Is supported the big Lexus SUV on motion-activated controls. Analog knobs and buttons are a thing of the past. Everything that relates to the drive is controlled directly on the steering Wheel. The Japanese put on a 4D navigation system that learns from the actions of the driver and, accordingly, route options to propose. Here, too, the input via the touch sensitive elements or Touch Tracer Pad with character recognition works in the center console.

All Drives

In regards to the motorization, it is called a Lexus at the Detroit Motor Show in 2018, still no Details. However, we know that within the hard-to-transparent lines of the LF-1 Limitless pretty much everything can frolic, what is the drive market will bear currently (and in the future): "The Lexus0 LF-1 Limitless can be by a fuel cell, Hybrid, or Plug - in hybrid technology, a conventional internal combustion engine or also fully electric powered", it means the manufacturer. By 2025, every Lexus1 should be as all-electric or part-electric coated model available. Well, the most other manufacturers also say. What most of the others don't have, however, is roll a XXL-Crossover-study with rear-wheel drive and 22-inch.

With Chaufferus Service

Also the Lexus2 LF-1 Limitless: A Chauffeur mode that uses the electronic By-Wire control of the throttle, brake and steering, so you no longer have to worry about Driving. If you want to worry about the Drive, promises to be a Lexus3 "is a particularly enthusiastic driving experience". What is promised in addition: "showing the Lexus4 LF-1 Limitless the potential that customers can expect in the luxury segment in the future."(sw)