Dashcams in Germany

Hair, August 5, 2014

The habit of modern man, to document everything with photos or film footage, proposes big waves. Since a camera is no longer bigger than a pinhead, the small Weltaufzeichner stuck everywhere. As in the case of Dashcams.

The television can not lie

Small cameras are attached behind the windscreen or above the dashboard. How are traffic accidents or other violations on the roads are recorded.

Totalitarian surveillance apparatus

But where does all at once this urge to record them all to his car around? Does it make roads safer when road users mitfilmt live and in color, and everyone must feel monitors of each?

The beginnings

The small documentary became known through video platforms such as Youtube. Many Russians put their homemade videos to the web. So could the clips, full of oddities and accidents like wildfire on the Internet spread. The harsh practices of the Russian road traffic Dashcams made ‚Äč‚Äčinto a kind of standard equipment. Hardly a Russian moves even without it, because the police corruption and the actual detection rate of traffic accidents is very low in this huge country.

Biblical announcement

Mass popularity gained the cameras even more spectacular. The biblical story appeared equal on 15 February 2013, the Russian city of Chelyabinsk a meteor. The recordings, which then went around the world, originated for the most part exactly of this small car black boxes.

Legal records?

The recordings are to be used as evidence. What verbildlicht only once on TV in court, can be combined with a simple objection difficult to refute? or? Many German motorists now seeking to protect themselves legally and figuratively. But the legislature white again not quite know what is right. Recordings from the traffic flow will be permitted? Caution, German officials? "Is this the protection of justified interests for concrete specified purposes is required and there are no indications that the legitimate interests of the persons concerned prevail. " In plain German: The use of the camera must be justified and the legal benefits higher than the legal damage. In addition, the documents could be faked, of course. So currently decided by the competent judge, if he allows the film footage as evidence or not.

Legal gray area and Deals

Until the sluggish German state apparatus, the dilemma has cleared, will probably take some time. Until then, it says: Attention, legal gray zone. Nevertheless, the German market for the small traffic observer has grown steadily. Many devices are now HD-capable and are often priced below 100 Euros . (ml )