Daihatsu builds cute concept cars, including a challenger for the MX-5

Finally a collection of cars that also fits in your garage

Daihatsu presents five concepts for the upcoming car show in Japan. With the concept cars, Daihatsu seems to want to evoke slogans such as 'Oh my gosh, look, what a sweetheart'. Apparently the concept cars represent "five ways to stay close to people and lives in the future of mobility society." Or actually, to let people come close to the car, because otherwise you won't see the vehicle.

According to Daihatsu, the concept cars are focused on functionality. Still, the study models look quite nice. The approach to small things apparently also flows into the resolution of the photos. Fortunately, the images are visible just well enough to let you imagine what the five concept cars would look like together in your driveway.

Daihatsu me:Mo

Take a good look at this me:Mo, because if we understand correctly, he is a kind of Barbapapa. According to Daihatsu, the shape and design of this car changes 'over time in response to changes in consumers' lives'. With a length of 3.4 meters, it is certainly one of the kei cars. And that certainly falls under the category of cute cars.

Daihatsu Uniform Cargo and Unifrom Truck

A few Kei trucks? Why not? The two cute workhorses – or perhaps work ponies – are fully electric and have some luggage space. They also have external power supplies that provide 'a range of applications for a mobile store'. This will be for stores that sell mini chocolate bars, we think.

Daihatsu Osanpo

Another concept Diahatsu that runs on electricity and meets the kei-car dimensions. The Osanpo allows drivers to enjoy 'the open air', which, according to Daihatsu, should ensure that you can take the car with the ease of taking a walk. If we could choose one concept to bring into the real world, it would be this one. Or maybe the next one?

Daihatsu Vision Copen

The Copen lives! At 3.8 meters long, it is just too long to be a kei car. As the odd one out in Japan, the Vision Copen gets a 1.3-liter petrol engine that drives the front wheels. Doesn't he look fantastic? This is a roadster you need in your life. You know what: why don't you make them all, Daihatsu?