Curtain on the 720 s!

Geneva, 7 March 2017

Long we had to endure the salami tactics of the British car manufacturer McLaren, now we know finally what looks like the successor of the 650s. See, there's the new supercar McLaren at the Geneva car show 2017 (March 9-19).

Name and power go hand in hand

But first Let's settle the name issue, which is but none now in effect. Much has been rumored is P14 or yet 720S the new? The latter is the case. And here we are then seen in the engine power. Because the name also at 570S or 650S the number of horses that jump from the centrally-mounted V8. A four liter unit used, torque produced also 770 nm in addition to 720 Horsepower comes at 720S. These are 70 HP and 92 Newton metres more than at the previous 650S. The there built V8 came only on nearly 3.8 liters of displacement. The 0-100 Sprint to the 720S in 2.9 seconds a tenth create at least faster than the 650S.

Carbon monocoque and design

Considerably more than when the drive has teamed with the chassis and the body. The 720S is based on a new carbon monocoque, the "Monocage II" and weighs with 1,283 kilograms all 18 kilos less than its predecessor. There is also a very sleek body that does not side air intakes. The doors swing open like McLaren used upwards, but take a larger part of the roof with than ever before. They are also part of the aerodynamics and cooling concept of the 720S. The design is more radical than even in the 650s and reminiscent of the brutal P1.

Interior and price

Inside, there is plenty of space and good all-round visibility as in the other models of the brand for a sports car. Among other things the folding display that shows either only the bare essentials or the full range of information about the current state of the driving the driver is new. And we have a price for the 720S. The athletes will cost 247.350 euro. These are around 16,000 euros more than the 650s were due. (mf)