Cross Sport: Is the crass Leon in series?

Frankfurt / Main, 18 September 2015

The fact that a compact SUV Seat in the pipeline waiting, is known for some time. Various concept cars of this type ?? most recently the 20V20 to the Geneva Motor Show in spring 2015 ?? had given views. By 2016, the SUV will come, platform and technology derived from the VW Tiguan. The desire, the offroad suitable Spaniards can already be seen at the IAA 2015 ( 17 to 27 September ), has not been fulfilled. Only at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, the not yet named SUV will be available in the summer of the same year, it will come on the market.

Four-wheel drive and lift kit

After Frankfurt IAA, the Seat - people have brought this one easily at first glance crazy crossover called Cross Leon Sport. This concept car is of its very nature a four centimeter high mounted, three-door Leon Cupra. The two-liter engine from the Cupra does here ( as in the consolidated brother Golf R ) hefty 300 horsepower and should be good for a sprint time of just 4.9 seconds from zero to 100th The power is sent via dual clutch transmission on an electronically controlled all-wheel drive with Haldex clutch and electronic differential lock.

Shade from the 20V20

Black lacquered plastic planks around the wheel arches and the body lower edges to the compact Renner attest a conditional off-road capability. The paint color of Concpet Cars at the IAA 2015, incidentally the same as the 20V20 concept at the Geneva show.

Can you buy it soon?

The Messe Frankfurt car was originally intended by the seat - people as pure gimmick that should show what can be done from the Leon. But already at the press days before the show there was the Cross Sport as a surprising amount of positive feedback that you get more out of the study at Seat wants: " We are considering whether we do not bring the Cross Sport as a production model ," explains Seat spokeswoman Melanie Stoeckl on demand . ( hd )