Comfortable Sportiness

Stuttgart, 11. September 2017

Growth for the puristic high-performance sports car from Porsche: At the car fair IAA in 2017 in Frankfurt, the 911 GT3, with the Touring package makes its debut. A variant, which is determined according to the Porsche "lovers of top-class sports car with a distinct penchant for understated and classic fun to drive". Extra charge? .

No extra charge, same drive

Yes, the Option on the Touring package is now available and is offered at no extra charge. Thus, the GT3 still costs 152.416 Euro. The package is available exclusively for the 911 GT3 Version with a manual six-speed transmission. The power and the torque of the four-liter naturally aspirated engine, Porsche doesn't change anything. The unit will continue to 500 HP and 460 Newton meters. Optimum gear change provided sprints to the 911 GT3 with Touring package in 3.9 seconds from zero to 100 km/h and reaches a top speed of 316 km/h.

The Story

But from the front: The Touring package goes back to an equipment variant of the 911 Carrera RS of the 1973 model year. At the time, purist 911 Design and classic interior were design elements in the center. The new edition takes up to Porsche "this idea and transported it into the Modern age".

Subtle changes to the body

The body of the GT3 remains – with the exception of the tail – also in the variant with Touring package unchanged. At the rear, Porsche is replacing the fixed wings of the normal GT3 the spoiler blade of the retractable system from the series-911. In addition, the manufacturer donated a new rear lid grille with "GT3 touring"badge, in silver-colored Side window mouldings, tailpipe trims of the sports exhaust system and Porsche lettering. If you book now the optional "Touring-exterior package in Black", these elements, such as the series-GT3 black, and the nose and tail are colored lights in the dark.

Interior with leather trim

In contrast to the GT3 leather instead of Alcantara dominates the interior of the Touring. The steering wheel rim with a Twelve-o'clock marking, the shift lever, the armrest of the door panels, the lid of the storage compartment of the center console and the door pull handles are covered with cowhide. The middle of the seats in cars are made of black fabric. All of the seams of the part of the leather trim are made with black thread. Rounding out the interior trim in black aluminum.(ml)