Comeback of a Legend

Toyota City ( Japan ), August 28, 2014

Consider the following scenario: VW brings the Golf II in a special series back to the German market. Because he is so tough and legendary. Unthinkable? Something similar now makes Toyota in Japan. There, the Land Cruiser is offered 70 exactly 30 years after his debut, and ten years after the cessation of sales again.

Comes through

Under off-road friends the 70 - country model of the Cruiser enjoys a reputation like thunder. Osamu Shinoda, chief engineer of the " J7 " said series once said that this car in some parts of the world belongs to the family there and plays the role of the eldest son. The Japan - comeback of the Land Cruiser 70 is facilitated by the fact he is still under construction in some countries. And also with us, he is omnipresent. In the news we see the SUV as a set of wheels of the United Nations, the Red Cross, but also by rebels and guerrillas.

Built for plugging

The new special series still focuses on a rugged ladder frame as the basis. In addition, a five-speed circuit, an all-wheel drive and optional differential locks on both axles. Another extra for off-road friends is the electric winch in the front bumper.

small selection

To have the rustic terrain friend as 4.81 meters long five-door 2.70 meters wheelbase or as a 5.27 meter long pick-up with 3.18 m spacing between the axles. The only engine is a four-liter V6 gasoline engine with 231 hp ( for connoisseurs: 1GR - FE internally called ). It delivers its maximum torque of 360 Newton meters at 3,800 rpm. The price of the closed variant is 3.6 million yen. Vice, which is around 26,300 euros, the pick-up costs 100,000 yen less. Toyota expects in one year in which the Special Land Cruiser is offered, with 200 orders a month. Who now considering to get one of these special cars to Germany, the high cost should keep in mind. In this country there are free traders, import the 70s models, but here attention must be paid to the emission standard. It starts at around 36,000 euros . ( rh )