Combination supplement? 1,000 euros!

Offenbach, May 23, 2017

Go in the compact class without a station wagon at the start? Unthinkable in the European market. Therefore, Hyundai showed a corresponding variant of the new i30 in the March 2017 at the Geneva Auto show. Now, the Korean manufacturer has announced what will cost the i30 wagon and what trim levels will be available.

The facts about the new Kombi

But first let's take a look at the facts: compared to the five-door hatchback, the Hyundai i30 is combined around 25 centimeters longer. It measures 4.58 metres in length, the height is 1.47 meters. The width (1.79 meters) and wheelbase (2.65 meters) are unchanged. 602 to 1,650 litres luggage takes on the trunk. Five engines are available: entry aggregate is a 100 HP of strong sucking gasoline. It is supplemented by two Turbo-machines with 120 and 140 HP. Diesel's friends can choose between 110 and 136 HP. A six-speed manual transmission is fitted as standard, optionally also with seven-speed dual clutch transmission, there are large gasoline engines and the two diesel.

Rates, trim lines, launch

And the prices? It starts "Pure" at 18,450 euros for the 100-HP gasoline engine in the trim level. Thus, the combination is only 1,000 euros more expensive than the initial five-door hatchback. A radio, air conditioning, an, adaptive cruise control active up to 180 km/h, an active emergency brake function up to 75 km/h, an active lane and ever a helper for the high beam as well as the attention of the driver are already standard in the base i30 wagon. More safety and comfort technology is available "Select", "Trend", "Style" or "Premium" fee or with the higher trim levels. The cheapest diesel is the derivative of 110 HP with six gears in the line "Trend". It costs at least 23,000 euro. The top model reverses as 136-HP diesel engine with DSG and the line "Premium" for 32.050 euro. An overview of pricing, see our picture gallery. In the July 2017 is the car from the dealer. (ml)