Colorful Power-sloops of war of BBM Motorsport

Send, 10. August 2017

Who writes the purchase agreement for a Corvette, not likely to put too much value on Understatement. And who then moves to BBM Motorsport, want to stand out like a burning peacock. How best to show the Tuner from the münsterland to Send its three latest creations: black booty monster-Z06, Kävincorvette and rainbow Corvette. At the latest here, one can see that BBM has a sense of Humor. The performance of the black booty monster 659 grows from series to 700 HP. The compressor-assisted torque: huge 900 Newton meters. This is made possible by an Air Intake Upgrade in Conjunction with a Capristo flap exhaust system. The body kit has also been developed by BBM, is oriented, however, strongly on the Original Spoiler, which is available as a factory option available. Otherwise, the exceptional foil design, its black tail name is giving.

Colorful Foil

The film desgin developed BBM, in cooperation with Miltec Design, was applied to it from the reckling houses experts of SL Premium. The same applies to the self-explanatory rainbow Corvette model and the Kävincorvette. Both sports cars are not bespoilert befitting, however, a compressor charging. Power increases by means of Air-Intake Upgrade, and a Capristo exhaust system that gives it anyway. The Corvette with Kävin and Mändie stickers brings it to 483 HP and 617 Newton meters. The identical 6.2-Liter V8 of the rainbow Corvette makes 502 horsepower and 640 Newton meters. BBM justified the differences with the standard dispersion of the motors.

More power is always

Optionally, BBM offers software optimizations, the maximum Power in spheres beyond the 700 HP can rise. All the modifications are included in the TÜV-approval available. This is also true for the OZ rims with spacers. Prices? It's not there. In the case of the three models is to project vehicles, to show the technical possibilities. But who wants to have any or all of the three sloops of war, you can negotiate a Deal. As so often, it is only a question of money.(dh)