Clean Nissan with bioethanol

Brühl, 8 August 2015

Nissan has unveiled a new fuel cell vehicle in Brazil. The car on the basis of the e-NV200 uses a special technology to generate power for the electric motors.

Bio-ethanol, hydrogen and electricity

Instead of hydrogen, the Nissan bioethanol used for energy production. The solid oxide fuel cell first transformed the basis of bioethanol into hydrogen to generate electricity then. The thoughts behind the prototype Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn formulated as follows: "in the future, the e-bio fuel cell is even more user friendly: A mixture of ethanol and water is easier and safer to handle than most other fuels." Without building additional infrastructure there is a great potential for growth."

600 km range

Currently running the prototype on 100 percent bioethanol, but purely theoretically also other fuels such as natural gas can be used. In conjunction with the 24 kWh large battery, the fuel cell transporter is more than 600 km on the road. Nissan will undergo the vehicle of further testing on public roads in Brazil. Could the bio trucks soon also on German roads be to see? (mf)