Clean car seats correctly - Tips and Tricks Upholstery need care

Upholstery need care

Everyday stress and dirt put car seats too neat. In order to have more joy in them, regular cleaning is essential. Here, a seat is required, depending on the padding different treatment.

Car seats are subjected to high stresses in everyday life. To keep them nice and fresh, you should maintain it at least twice a year.

Regardless of whether seats are upholstered in leather, fabric or Alcantara, it says at the beginning always, thoroughly vacuuming. With an appropriate essay one also comes between tight folds away and there stubborn crumbs. If the seat is cleaned superficially, followed by chemical cleaning.

For fabric and Alcantara, there are commercially a wide range of different cleaners. Regular household products usually are not suitable because they can wet the fabric too strong and attack with it. If you have chosen an agent, the instructions can help. In most cases, the foam or the liquid is sprayed onto the seats. After move recently, the rest can then rub with a cotton cloth.

It is different with leather: it works in the car while particularly classy, ​​but is also more demanding in nursing. Gladly this is neglected, because the material makes a robust impression. But the reserves the leather without proper and regular care not last long. Since it is not black, blue or red by nature, it is dyed for use in the vehicle. Who cleans wrong, can solve the color layer or destroy the structure.

To do it right: First, is roughly maintained. Purpose is to use a suitable fluid. Before going to the sensitive material with this, it shall be tested in an inconspicuous area. Are all surfaces cleaned - this includes a leather steering wheel - the dissolved dirt is taken down with a cotton cloth. Most suitable for old terry towels.

After everything has dried, followed by the actual care. Again, there are a variety of products of different quality and at different prices. Regardless of which means is to be accepted, the method is the same: By means of a sponge, the care agent is applied to the entire pad. Here, as evenly as possible rub. Depending on the product, the edges should then dry thoroughly - preferably overnight.