Citroën: Cool news in Geneva

Cologne, 24 February 2016

With a number of interesting innovations in the luggage, Citroën to the Geneva car show travels (3 to 13 March 2016). Here, the joy of driving a not insignificant role plays as the small cars E Méhari. It reminds of the ur Méhari by 1968, many of Louis de Funès movies know. While the ancestor on the basis of the legendary Citroën 2CV duck got no approval in this country due to its flammable plastic body, the new also could officially coming to Germany. When and at what price the manufacturer not sold out but still. Many copies should not be but it: the E Méhari is applied only in a small series of under 1,000.

Up to 200 km range

The Dromedary (that is translated "Méhari") Gets a 68 HP electric motor and want with full batteries up to 200 kilometers to drive can. Citroën also announced a currently unspecified described E Méhari concept car for the exhibition, which was developed together with a prestigious French fashion house.

C4 Cactus Rip Curl with grip control

An another cool Freizeitmobil with double angle logo is the C4 Cactus Rip Curl. The Special Edition was developed in cooperation with the eponymous label of surfing. In addition to a corresponding logo stickers of the Rip Curl has a special feature: on board is a so-called "grip control", which is offered here for the first time in the cactus. This electronic traction control is controlled by the ESP module and automatically transfers the driving force to the wheel with the best traction. Via a rotary knob on the dashboard, the driver in the five modes of "Standard", "Sand", "Ground", "Snow" and "ESP off" can optimize the progress on various substrates. To ground liability, special M & S tires by Goodyear 205/50 R17 worry in size. From about April 2016, the Rip Curl in Germany will be found, is not yet known at what price.

SpaceTourer: community child

The VW-bus competitor Citroën SpaceTourer, replacing the jumper is also in the spotlight. The SpaceTourer is based on the C4 Picasso. He is in two wheelbases (2.92 and 3.27 meters) and two hanging over rear (0.80, 1.15 metres) offered in the variants "XS", "M" and "XL". Depending on the size and facilities of the van sleeps up to nine. You can see that the SpaceTourer is a community child by PSA Peugeot Citroën and Toyota, on other stands of Swiss Exhibition: the partners present their identical vehicles than Peugeot traveller and Toyota Proace II.

Concept car SpaceTourer hyphae

Only a concept car is the Citroën SpaceTourer hyphae with a truly colourful design. The four-wheel drive and high concept car was jointly with the French electro pop band "hyphen hyphen" developed. It is conceivable that the hyphen is a foretaste of an off-road-ready version of the SpaceTourer. The other Geneva releases of the brand among a new generation of 3D navigation with voice control in the SpaceTourer, as well as an interactive website where customers can comment on the quality of their service. When start this evaluation system in Germany, the manufacturer has not communicated yet. (hd)