China SUV looks like a Lamborghini Urus

Munich, Germany), 5. June 2018

It is not so long, because it was rubbing on the car constantly measure their eyes in amazement. At least, if it ran at the booth of a Chinese car manufacturer in the past. The audacity, with the European Premium vehicles have been copied, was unbelievable. And incredibly funny, because the implementation went heavily into the Ridiculous. We remind at this point at the Land Wind X7, alongside the Range Rover Evoque looked like a Batman fancy dress from the discount store. But recently, we have improved the Chinese auto manufacturer. So strong that some believe that we Europeans would lose the connection.

The China-Urus

However, even today it's still there, the shameless copies from the middle Kingdom. The perfect example of the just presented Huansu C60. Unfortunately, he has chosen as a model for the brachialste, ungestümste and fastest SUV on the market. Just the front look a bit to much the Lamborghini Urus, or? The headlights, the Grill and the air intakes in the Front, like a Pokemon Version of the Taurus SUVs. To LED also, as a part of the inlets, daytime running lights have been converted. Well, a two-liter Turbo just needs a little less cooling air than a 650-HP twin-turbo V8.

The nicer door handles

Also, the window line and the rear fender scream out loud "Urus". But of course, the C60 is much higher, narrower and less scary. After all, you have to let the Huansu designers that you have placed the rear door handles far more attractive than the signatory of the Urus.

Didn't even cost a tenth of that

In China, the Huansu C60 a cost of about 13,700 euros. For this you get at least 0,068 Lamborghini Urus. The Huansu costs so far, less than a tenth, and gives the Lambo-fixed SUV Fans with a tight Budget the ability, after all, a touch of the Sant'Agata-Flair get. Lamborghini itself should not interfere with it. The possibility that the C60 Urus-won't take a buyer, is likely to be relatively low.(sw)