Chic compact crossover with a lot of new technology

Los Angeles ( USA ), 21 November 2014

The futuristic design study of a compact crossover, Mitsubishi spotlight the LA Auto Show ( 21 to 30 November 2014). The XR-Concept PHEV is between SUV and Coupe and should give clues to the future Mitsubishi design. There might even be a successor to the ASX, because with 4.37 meters, the concept car is only a few inches longer. However, the study with 1.87 meter and 1.57 meter wide considerably much flatter ?? typical crossover flat. Fittingly, the source of inspiration to have been an athlete kneeling waiting in starting block at the start of the race.

Plug-in hybrid with turbo three-cylinder

As the name says, it is a plug-in hybrid vehicle (Plug - in Hybrid Electric Vehicle, PHEV ). Unlike the already offered Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV the study has no all-wheel drive, but front-wheel drive. Here, a 136-hp 1.1 - liter three-cylinder turbo petrol engine combined with an electric motor that makes 164 hp or 121 kW. The lithium - ion battery under the floor stores 14 kWh of electrical energy, which should be enough electric drive for 85 km. A new development is the converter that increases the system voltage to 700 volts ?? which helps to increase the power output of the electric motor.

bidirectional loading

In addition to the purely electric drive, there is a serial and a parallel hybrid mode. Depending on driving conditions and battery charge, the system automatically selects the appropriate mode. Thus, a consumption of around 3.6 liters per 100 kilometers will arise. The driver can set a button that he wants to fully charge the battery again. He can also arrange that the charge of the battery is frozen, so he also at the end of the planned route may still electrically drive. The car also offers the possibility of so-called bi-directional loading. That is, the energy of batteries can be used for other purposes. Thus, small appliances up to 1,500 watts of power can be connected. One might therefore operate as an outdoor holiday toaster.

New technology for the security

Various modern security systems offers the study also. Below is a windshield with augmented reality feature that prevents the driver averts his gaze from the road too often. Another assistant to imagine using a camera and other sensors that the driver has accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake pedal. In this case, the engine power is reduced and warn the driver. The fatigue Warner recognizes the driver's lack of attention not only to the steering movements, such as the system of VW, but also with a camera on the eye movements and by sensors in the seat of the posture.

More safety, less congestion

Special offers study in terms of connectivity. The basic idea: cars and other road users connect to a network and exchange by uploading and downloading information from this. These data are then other traffic participants. The driver could be warned in time at red lights, before driving ahead, braking cars, crossing cyclists and pedestrians. Another application would be a cooperative working Abstandstempomat: With the information that the car in front slows down or straight gas is, the system could optimize the distances between the vehicles. This would not only benefit the safety, but also reduce fuel consumption, minimize congestion ?? and of course save nerves. If this is the future, then they may come . ( sl )