CES 2017: Hyundai mobility in the future

Mobility in the future

Hyundai Motor at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (-8.1.2017) shows his concept for the mobility of the future: the autonomous driving study "Ioniq autonomous concept" demonstrated under real conditions in road traffic the State of development at Hyundai. In addition, the carmaker presents a wide range of innovative technologies. Focuses on new options for connectivity, which involve the vehicle even more in the daily life of the driver in addition to autonomous driving.

Two Hyundai Ioniq autonomous concept are on the boulevards around the CES Exhibition Centre in urban traffic on the road. On the neon light-bathed streets of the metropolis in Nevada, the autonomously driving IONIQ during test drives in complex traffic conditions prove their efficiency. Situations create only a few concept cars with a high volume of pedestrians, roadworks and barriers, intersections without traffic lights, to master difficult recognizable speed bumps to the traffic calming or only temporarily violate traffic regulations, autonomous concept except for the Ioniq.

Furthermore, Hyundai Motor at CES presents under "mobility vision ' views to the comprehensive network of mobility and lifetime. The technology is being developed together with the leading IT company Cisco. Therefore, Hyundai introduces new approaches to connectivity, which will make life the passengers as comfortable as possible.

Also, the Hyundai healthcare cockpit is to see at CES. There the traveller information, when it is time to relax in an autonomous moving automobile of the future, and supports him technologically to work productively. (ampnet/nic)

by Harry McNamara

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