Caution tree as Tiefflieger

Munich, November 27, 2015

On the first weekend of Advent in many places starts the Christmas tree sale. But beware: If you transported his tree on the car roof home, must secure it properly. Otherwise it quickly becomes a danger to other road users. Crash tests of the automobile club ADAC show that only properly lashed lashing straps can hold the Christmas tree in an accident on the roof.

Tree shoots on the hood

A first crash test showed that a Christmas tree, which is mounted with simple expanders on the car roof, can not be kept. Upon impact, the car with 50 km / h flew 32 kilograms tree on the hood of the vehicle. At the second crash test of the tree was fixed with standard straps. The result: The Christmas tree was ?? how it should be ?? on the car roof.

Tree top back

In order to secure the tree good, he must be firmly wrapped and strapped. In addition, the sawed-off end of the trunk must be facing forwards, the tree top consequently backwards. Otherwise, the tree can become the windscreen so that the fixtures are loaded more quickly. The tree itself is also protected because the wind the branches so can not damage.

60 € and a penalty point

Basically: Who secured cargo improperly, must reckon with a fine of 60 euros and a point. When a Christmas tree juts out more than one meter over the tail of the car, it has to be like any other cargo also marked with a red flag. If this is not the case, 25 Euro penalty fee will be charged. ( hd )