Detroit ( USA), January 7, 2015

Detroit Electric has launch its electric roadster SP: 01 postponed. If he is in 2016 at the dealer, but he should be " the fastest, all-electric two-seater sports car in the world". The based on the Lotus Elise athletes was first shown as a prototype at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013 and was originally intended end of 2014 on the market. The production of the first 999 vehicles will now start at the beginning of this year in the British Leamington Spa. Prototypes with the final design are currently in final testing.

In under four seconds to 100 km / h

The latest changes to the SP: 01 concerning a new diffuser and a small rear wing to minimize the buoyancy and small modifications to the front air intakes. In addition, the lithium-ion batteries, which should allow the car a range of about 300 kilometers were housed in a more sheltered housing. The electric motor of the Detroit Electric SP: 01 of 285 horsepower and is the car in 3.9 seconds from zero to 100 km / h speed. The top speed is expected to be 250 km / h. Reminder: The also based on the Lotus Elise Tesla Roadster accelerates in 3.9 seconds to 100 km / h, and creates the recently introduced battery upgrade for Roadster 3.0 has a maximum range of 643 kilometers. Tesla's latest sedan, the Model S version P85D creates the standard sprint even in about 3.3 seconds.

The price is a little electrifying

Inside the SP: 01 one can see the relationship to the chassis donor Lotus Elise. However, the sparse Elise interior learns by installing a 8.4-inch monitor touch screen infotainment system including a major upgrade. Orders for the E - Roadster are already answered. The price is according to preliminary information at just over 100,000 pounds, which is about 127,500 euros. Standard equipment includes body parts made of carbon and a manual six-speed gearbox. Optional one-and two-speed automatic transmission will be available. Detroit Electric has also announced that it is being considered for a 2 + 2 - seater and a sedan that after the introduction of SP: 01 to appear . (sw)