Cars can now subscribe to

Munich, 18. July 2017

You don't want to be tied down for years at one and the same car, but rent and car sharing are you to in the short term? Then, the new usage model "Book by Cadillac" could be something for you. The user – Cadillac called subscribers, for a monthly fee, at any time, access to the Top models from Cadillac and Chevrolet, including the Cadillac XT5, CT6, Escalade, ATS-V and CTS-V and Chevrolet Camaro and Corvette. To keep a car as long as you want, and another can then be used to come – it is brought by a driver.

No long contract periods

So you can move, for example, within the same week, a sports car on winding country roads or with a large SUV on a family trip to the mountains. The subscription will be completed on a monthly Basis and requires no long-term commitment. Maintenance, tax, insurance and vehicle maintenance will not be taken over by Cadillac, a mileage limit. The user is only fuel costs, Parking fees and the like remain hanging.

Up to 18 Times a year, the car switch

For vehicle reservation, a App is used. The car is then brought to a Concierge service to a user-specific location and on the latter's request, at any time, against other models replaced. The vehicle change according to Website of Book by Cadillac up to 18 Times a year. The maximum duration of use is limited to 30 days, after which you can extend by a further 30 days. Because of the high demand for the use of the CTS-V is also on five consecutive days, and the sporty V-vehicles will only be offered from March to October.

About 1,300 euros per month

Price in Germany, Cadillac is silent. In the USA a recording is required a fee of 500 dollars (around 430 Euro) and a monthly fee of 1,500 dollars (about 1,300 euros). For comparison: Leasing a Mercedes S 500 in Germany costs about the same monthly amount. Book by Cadillac is already offered in New York, now a six-month pilot project in Munich. The introduction in other markets is planned. Even with a "fully digitized distribution channel," customize Cadillac to new customer requirements. So an Online order of vehicles is planned. In addition, you should be able to be Auto in the future with the help of a pair of 3D glasses configure.

The first of the "Cadillac House" outside of the United States

The Details of the new deals you can find in the new "Cadillac House" in Munich, the first retail space of the brand outside of the United States. Stylish, opening of exhibitions framed by more art. 14. July the exhibition "Letters To Andy Warhol" began, with numerous letters that were written to or from the artist. Further exhibitions will follow. The Cadillac House in Munich is located in the Isarforum next to the German Museum and is up to 27. August for visitors daily from 11.00 to 21.00 PM. The admission is free.(sl)