Carrera World experience Center is opened

Oberansbach, 12 April 2016

The kick-off has fallen: the new experience Centre "Carrera World" was officially opened on April 8 with 150 invited guests. We were doing for you in Oberansbach near the city of Nuremberg.

With dream cars in the race

With the famous dream cars on a small scale in the future is in the Carrera World with full throttle Slotracing adventure. Hot duels can be extended to five car racetracks. The largest of the railways has a route length of 70 meters, g.t. set. In the opening race against each other were among other two racing legends: Joachim "Strietzel" stuck met the Salzburg Walter Lechner racing, once the youngest winner in the LMP2 class at the 24 hours of Le Mans. In addition, there are four more tracks that are dedicated to the topics of formula 1, DTM, Le Mans and high speed in the modern Hall.

Rare collectibles

Away from the tracks also the motor sport revolves around in the Carrera World. So, there are temporary exhibitions, to admire historical vehicles and rare collectibles. Interested parties can inform about the eventful history of the brand Carrera. At the service point, visitors can expect expert mechanics, which advice and assistance for all Carrera products to the side and do minor repairs immediately.

Carrera article in the flagship store

Who wants to take the race fever home, you will find it in the flagship store: about fashion article up to slot cars, vehicles, spare parts, RC vehicles and diameter for every fan something seems. To cool down the thumb and for a brief pit stop drinks and snacks are available in a lounge.

Not far from the toy fair

As Carrera Chief Andreas Stadlbauer explained to us, the original seat of the company in the vicinity was the Carrera World in F├╝rth. Now an old car dealership was rebuilt in Oberansbach found and accordingly. After all, the Nuremberg fair is located in close to where the world's largest toy fair takes place every year, and also the Playmobil fun Park is not far away.

Carrera slot cars since the 1960s

The Carrera brand has existed since the 1960s and belongs since 1999 to the Salzburg company Stadlbauer. According to Andreas, Carrera is Sanchez today the world leader in slot cars. The product range includes tracks in a smaller scale 1:43 ("Carrera go"), cars on a scale of 1:24, on which drive larger vehicles in scale 1:32, and more recently digital tracks, where several cars on a track with wireless hand controls can be operated.

Close cooperation with the car industry

Carrera cooperates closely according to Sanchez with the auto industry, to be able to offer the most interesting vehicles early in license. In the meantime, the range has expanded to remote controlled RC cars and Quadrocopter. This can be tested in the Carrera World. (ph)