Car sharing by BMW: delivery service with chauffeur

Munich, 11 April 2016

The CarSharing operated by BMW and Sixt "DriveNow" is now available in nine European cities. The fleet comprises more than 4,000 vehicles, over half a million customers have signed up. Under the name "ReachNow", the model is now expanded and improved. Seattle (United States) makes the beginning with 370 vehicles of types BMW i3, BMW 328i, and Mini Cooper. Regardless of the model, paying 0.49 US dollar (43 euro cent) per minute while, a (parking) break costs $0.30 (26 euro cents) per minute. The one-time registration fee of $ 29 (about 25 euros).

Delivery service and long term use

In the year 2016, the first services to can book customers. This includes an extra service: the desired vehicle is brought to the customer. BMW recommends this service especially for customers who want to carry luggage or if there are hardly any parking at your own place of residence. For customers who wish to avoid the walk to the car, the service is interesting. Unlike at DriveNow also a long-term use should be possible, for example, for a spontaneous trip over several days. Must be set in contrast to classic car hire offers, how long the journey will take. Another way is to use a vehicle through closed user groups. This is kept a pool of vehicles for a company or a residential complex on the site.

Rental of own cars over ReachNow

Other services start slightly later. In the medium term, customers can rent even their private BMW i3 or mini ReachNow. Of the own car maintenance costs can be lower, if it is not required for example, during a holiday. Customers should have a choice, to be able to limit the availability of the vehicle on a selection of SocialMedia contacts. Before this is possible, the vehicle must be equipped but technically. Chauffeur service is also planned: who would like to drive themselves, can book later also a car through ReachNow with driver.

Simple registration via your Smartphone

To register as a member, do not need to go to an Office, but can log in within a few minutes on the Smartphone. It to examine the licence via the camera function of the mobile phone and a credit card deposit. Then you can go immediately. The Smartphone or the undelivered postal customer card serves as key fob. IT partner of ReachNow is RideCell, a technology start-up companies, which BMW is connected via a minority stake. More U.S. cities should follow after the introduction of ReachNow in Seattle. BMW does not speak of an expansion to Europe. (sl)