Car arbitration Dispute over the bill

Dispute over the bill

Advised Auto Repair and customer in dispute, can help special arbitration. They were very very busy in the past year - most often it was about cash.

The 130 motor vehicle arbitration boards in Germany have demanded more in the past year. 11,669 requests from shop customers and used car buyers mean, according to the Central Association of the German Automotive Industry ( ZDK ), an increase of 17.4 percent over 2012. One reason for concern, however, seems not to be: According ZDK the values ​​move in the past six years.

The arbitration disputes between customer and vehicle guild company are settled out of court. 85 percent of all applications were received in 2013 for the repair and maintenance. According ZDK The motives is the invoice amount in the frequency just before the point of " improper work", followed by "non-commissioned and still work performed ." Was it a used car purchase, consumers nennten in most cases " technical defects " as plea.

The motor vehicle arbitration commissions are occupied with various coordinators who are supposed to represent both the craft and the consumer interest. Chaired by a lawyer. Can take you to arbitration bodies as a customer of a Member operation of the motor vehicle guild, costs not incurred by the client.