Can the new focus RS blue & black

Cologne, May 31, 2017

To read comments on the Internet is not always the wisest decision. But sometimes it is not so stupid. Ford for example has is a bit in the relevant forums and took to heart what was otherwise so online reactions to his compact drift wonder focus RS to read it. The result is a new trim package that definitely has it all.

Front axle lock for the focus RS

The biggest headline: The so-called Blue & Black package includes a mechanical front axle differential lock by Quaife. Apparently, that was a penalty, repeatedly appealed to the fans of the RS. We already know the same procedure by Mercedes-AMG. Here can be ordered since the facelift with a front axle lock the A 45. Said limited slip differential helps to limit the torque on the front wheel with less traction and to transfer it to the other wheel with more grip. And, whoosh, come you and your focus RS much better out of the corner. According to Ford, the system engages but even in adverse road conditions.

Matte black details

In addition to the new lock, the blue & Black package offers a few Visual niceties. In matte black to the body painted in nitrous-blue contrast roof, rear wing and mirrors. The brake calipers are painted in body colour. In addition, there are always the black forged wheels on board. Inside special leather fabric Recaros with nitrous blue border wait. Nothing is changed, however, on the engine and driving performance of the focus RS. Still, there are 350 HP, 470 Newtonemter, a 0-100 km/h value of 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 268 km/h.

As 44.775 euro

Leo Roeks, new European head of Ford performance team, says: "the improvement of the already dynamic in every respect Ford Focus RS was a real challenge. "But the team has managed to increase the driving pleasure of the 350 PS of strong athlete thanks to the mechanical front axle locking differential further." 4,100 euros the blue & black trim package. Thus, the focus RS blue & Black 44.775 euro is to have. (black & white)