Camp Jeep 2017: The winner is ...

Kallinchen, 10. July 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, the lines are closed, the votes have been counted: you have chosen the European Jeeper of the year 2017. In the final Mirek Tereszko from France, the Italian Stefano Bennato, Stewart Harding from the United Kingdom and for Germany, Ulrich Veit. The winner is ... Italy.

The overall winner comes from Italy

While the German Finalist must be content with a good third place, could Mr. Bennato convince with his converted Wrangler-Pick-up and the most votes for collect.

Remarkable vehicles of all finalists

Nevertheless, the other finalists have not notice, the values of the vehicles on the legs, the only site with a good figure, but also an extension of the extraordinary personalities of the people behind it. We are left therefore with a "congratulations" to Italy, and a big "thank you" to all the other participants.(ml)