Byton K-Byte Concept

Shanghai (China), 13. June 2018

The Start-up car brand Byton introduces a new saloon as a study. A reminder: The brand name Byton stands for "Bytes on Wheels" ("Bytes-on-wheels"). Since the models of the brand are based on a common platform, they all carry the name "Byte". The well presented sedan K-Byte Concept, and in January 2018 at the consumer electronics show CES unveiled SUV-model M-Byte Concept. The M-Byte to the end of 2019 in series, while the K-Byte 2021 to come on the market.

As big as a BMW 5-series, but wind schlüpfiger

The K-Byte Concept has at 4.95 meters in length and with a wheelbase of three meters, about the size of a BMW 5-series, but clearly the wind schlüpfiger. Striking the Front with your special light design. The core of the study, the Autonomous driving ability. An arc-shaped Lida lidar system on the roof contains Sensors for front and rear. A side Lida R system comes under the side cameras, which is moved during the Parking automatically. The Autonomous driving technology (Level 4) is currently being developed together with external providers, and should be by the end of 2020.

Own stores in China

By the end of 2018 Byton wants to open an own Brand Store in Shanghai and cars in the direct sale offer. A further 25 to 30 Brand Stores are to be built before the end of 2019, mainly in major Chinese cities. Later it will also shops in Europe and North America. In the shops, apparently a tech is supposed to be-the atmosphere created: The customer should log in by scanning a QR code, or face recognition"". With Augmented Reality glasses, you can experience the technology of the cars. Even test drives on the Simulator should be possible. Customers can also speak in a video conference with engineers and designers from Byton.

Co-Creatoren of development involved

Byton also a Co-Creator program that will help increase customer retention, and customer needs was launched. Among the first best sellers of the cars Byton wants to recruit users with technical Knowledge and enthusiasm for Design, will be participating in the development process. The first group of Co-Creatoren has already contributed to the user interface, in July 2018 for more Co-Creatoren to participate in the Munich development center on the Exterior and interior design.

Factory should be by the end of 2019

In Bytons factory in the Chinese city of Nanjing went on 1. April 2018 the Welding line, an Assembly line, and quality control in the test operation. 23. May left the first production prototype of the Assembly. In October of 2018 four more production is expected to be completed areas of stamping shop, welding shop, Lackierei and Assembly. In the first half of the year 2019 Byton want to start the pre-production. With regard to the financing, Byton has raised recently in a second capital raising round of $ 500 million from investors. One of the most important strategic Partner will be the Chinese FAW Group, which cooperates with Byton in product development, manufacturing, sales and Service.(sl)