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Pay Minor damage to self

Every twelve years, the average driver in an accident. With minor damage, it might pay off frequently to pay the repair itself.

Even if a car is insured against loss, it can be worthwhile to use the services of the insurance industry not to avail. Because after each payment increases, the contribution for the customer.

Each reported damage leads regardless of the resulting repair costs to a demotion to the so-called claims category ( SF). The driver must then pay higher premiums, often several hundred euros and that too several years - the amount of additional costs can quickly exceed the cost of repair. As a rule of thumb, a loss amount from 500 to 1000 Euros, in which the payment of the repairs out of pocket worth.

In principle, one should just check with the insurance company to clarify what is financially sensible. Small damages can be " bought back " and within six or twelve months of the insurance often - so can save even more in retrospect the discount bin ranking. Under liability insurance such rules today are almost standard, with fully comprehensive insurance at least they are widespread.

In addition, many insurance companies offer one - to discount protection - chargeable. If there is damage then you will retain his present claims category. In some cases even the upcoming Better - gradation is not prevented. When an insurance exchange rescuing forfeited but in retrospect, that we have been put in the poorer class. In addition, the discount protection can be generally concluded only from SF4, so after four years of accident-free driving.

For drivers who have driven for decades with no reported accidents, some insurance companies offer so-called discount savior. If there is damage, the SF class is changed then indeed, the contribution does not increase. In most cases, however, the limit is 25 accident-free years.