Bring back BMW the legendary CSL?

Nurburgring, 4. July 2018

In front of almost one and a half months, one could already guess a little, what will happen soon to us. BMW had the famous (and highly coveted) abbreviation for its M-models protect. CSL instead of GTS? What it looks like. In mid-June after all, so two weeks ago, consisted of other crucial parts of the CSL-Puzzles. At the Nürburgring an M4 GTS prototype was first caught. M4 GTS? Was not there ...? True, the 700 units of the limited Hardcore M4 Version came out in 2016, and is of course sold out a long time ago. So why would you drive that thing on the Nürburgring for a walk? To modified and a little radicalized? Now, if you count Two and Two together, one can only come to one conclusion: This prototype is a harbinger of the coming of the M4 CSL.

More Extreme Body

Now, the prototype showed up again. Driving to and true at the Nordschleife. And seen close up, it recognizes differences from the M4 GTS (even if the M4 GTS is on it): The front splitter is solid and pulls the side of higher to the front apron. In addition, there is a bolder side sills and a much monumentaleren rear wing which is still on pretty thick feet. Also very extreme: The new diffuser, which would not be in a car on a tour out of place.

Stronger and lighter?

What to expect at the coronation of the M4 series, technically, is hard to say. The M4 GTS brought it up to 1.510 Kilo. Maybe you should start with a model with the addition of "Coupé, sports, lightweight" here again. The three-liter-Biturbo-engine, you will enjoy the CSL. In the M4 GTS, he gave thanks to the water injection 500 HP and 600 Newton meters. Possible that the M4 CSL upgrades the application again. The last BMW with the iconic abbreviation of the 360 HP strong M3 CSL from the year 2004. Among enthusiasts it is still considered as one of the best, if not THE best driver of the BMW. The prices on the used-car market for years in the sky. Now, BMW seems to respond to its most critical customers, and to submit to the CSL. We anticipate by 2019, with the new Top-of-the M4. More CSL-models should also be in planning.(sw)