Bread and Circuses

Zuffenhausen, November 5, 2014

With two new Cayenne facelift versions Porsche strikes this month at the Los Angeles Auto Show ( 21 to 30 November 2014). In addition to the new entry-level Cayenne with a 3.6 - liter V6 sucker especially the Sport model Cayenne GTS will cause a stir. And doing it alone already by the choice of the unit. Porsche is increasingly becoming a turbo - brand ( even the sacred 911 will replace the suction from the 2015er Facelift by Turbo engines ) and sacrifices now for the first time a sporty GTS model. Way with the 4.8 - liter naturally aspirated V8 and forth with the new 3.6 - liter V6 twin-turbo from the Cayenne S. The new GTS he makes another 20 hp and 50 Newton meters more, which now delivers 440 hp and 600 Newton meters are pending. By comparison, the previous GTS V8 with 420 hp and brought it to 515 Newton meters.

Deeper, faster, less fuel

In 5.2 seconds, the new Cayenne GTS accelerates from zero to 100 km / h. With the optional Sport Chrono package, it is 5.1 seconds. The old GTS took half a second longer. Stop jacking is at 262 km / h the consumption is Porsche with 9.8 liters. This is almost a liter less than before. Whether the V6 sounded technically come up to the eight-cylinder despite standard-sport exhaust system, time will tell. As usual with the recent GTS models ( Boxster, Cayman, 911 ), also has the Cayenne GTS plentiful standard equipment on board. These include the PASM suspension with active damper system and 24 mm lowering and the 390-millimeter brake with red callipers from the Cayenne Turbo. An air suspension with 20 mm lowering is available for a surcharge.

Turbo - optics and much Alcantara

Visually, the Cayenne GTS is from the turbo front with larger air intakes, side skirts and wheel arch extensions and krawalligere of his weaker colleagues. Also, as good as anything painted in body color. What is not painted in body color, black is almost certainly. This includes all strokes, the 20-inch wheels, exhaust pipes, the inner workings of the bi-xenon lamps and LED rear lights darkened. " Typical GTS " also applies to the interior. In addition to the electrically adjustable seats and most other parts of the cockpit are wrapped in Alcantara. Optional lacing a Porsche interior package in Red or Silver. It includes the tachometer dial, decorative stitching, headrests and seat belts lettering. The new Cayenne GTS is the end of February 2015 and the sale costs at least € 98,152. He is just under 18,000 euros more expensive than the Cayenne S.

Base petrol engine is more economical

Something down to earth when it comes to new base petrol engine Porsche Cayenne. Its 3.6 - liter V6 sucker is good as before for 300 hp and 400 Nm, accelerates in 7.7 seconds to 100 km / h ( 7.6 seconds with Sport Chrono Package ) and runs 230 km / h tip. Compared to its predecessor, it defines the acceleration in 0.2 seconds and consumes 9.2 liters less then 0.7 liters. Even with the standard equipment Porsche has attracted and provides the Cayenne now from the factory with eight-speed Tiptronic S, together with start-stop function and sailing, Bi - Xenon headlights including LED daytime running lights, a multifunction steering wheel and an automatic tailgate. Like the Cayenne GTS starts and the entry-level petrol engine end of February 2015. From 65,427 euros he is on the price list . ( sw )