BMW X5 Security Plus: Safe in SUV

Moscow ( Russia ), August 25, 2014

Celebrities, politicians, business people, Who ?? from whatever reason ?? Fearing attacks on his life, wants an armored vehicle. BMW is now at the Moscow Motor Show ( 29 August-7 September 2014) before the production model of the new X5 Security Plus. As a concept car, the BMW tank was to admire in September 2013 already on the car show IAA.

Withstands Kalashnikov shots

The " Plus " version is even more heavily armored than the X5 Security, the there are already buying. Accordingly, higher is the so-called protection class: Instead VR4, with which one is immune to many types of street crime, the Plus model provides the classification VR6. After all, to the BMW in this class attacks with a Kalashnikov ?? the most widespread firearm ?? can withstand. The door gaps and joints are again specially protected so that bullets do not come there in the interior. Special safety glass withstands attacks with impact weapons, a polycarbonate coating keeps chips from the occupants away.

In about five seconds to hundreds of

The chassis, the stability control systems and braking systems are tuned to the higher weight. Despite the additional steel parts the safety SUV, according to BMW provide almost the same performance as the base model X5 xDrive50i. And the rich alone, possibly to escape an attack by quick escape. After all, running the 450-horsepower race car thanks to its V8 biturbo engine in five seconds to 100 and up to 250 km / h. And with the help of the intelligent all-wheel drive, it can disappear off road.

Made in the USA and Mexico

The security X5 runs in the American BMW plant in Spartanburg from the band. Thereafter, the specific backup systems are mounted in a special plant in Toluca, Mexico. It also solutions come into play that are tailored to the personal risk scenarios of customers. This is also the reason why BMW can not name a specific price for the rolling fortress. The series base model X5 xDrive50i costs 79,100 euros . (HD)