BMW vision next 100: exciting views

Munich, March 7, 2016

Who has visions, to go to the doctor, former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said. But BMW thinks not. On the contrary: the 100th anniversary of the birth, the company with a whole series of visions in the future looks. The study "Vision next 100", which will be on May 5 in Beijing as Asian premiere is the first. On June 16, 2016 vision known as mini and Rolls-Royce vehicles follow in London as world premieres, finally the motorcycle Division shows a study on 11 October 2016 in Los Angeles.

Where's the "sheer driving pleasure"?

The "vision next 100" is anno in 1916 at the heart of the large BMW anniversary celebration on March 7, the anniversary of the founding of the company. The key question behind the study is hidden in the name: what is driving the next 100 years? Auch BMW is aware of the fact that the majority of cars will go completely autonomously in the not-too-distant future. But how does that compare to the brand essence of Munich, the often-touted "driving pleasure"?

Special skin

First of all the key figures of the BMW study: with 4.90 meters it is about as long as a 5 series, but only 1.37 meters high. So, the copper vehicle mixes elements of sedan and Coupé. According to BMW chief designer Adrain van Hooydonk offers them inside as much space as a 7. The body covers the wheel but she adapts when steering like a stretchy skin on the wheel movements. The drag coefficient is only 0.18, a world record. Van Hooydonk justified the choice of a sporty sedan for the anniversary design, that at the time the "new class" that 1600 and 2002, the car division of BMW have made great. That you come back now. The company, however, no information made to the drive of the concept vehicle in any case it should move but emission-free. Whether pure electric, fuel cell or otherwise, remains a question.

Allow driving but only on request!

It is very important a statement BMW: future driver can leave the car control on request. But only on request. The pilot should not be disenfranchised, but focuses on. Nevertheless, the car over the next 100 years will be fully networked. But this fact should only support the driver together with digital intelligence. The feeling should be given him to sit not only autonomous driving in a machine designed for him personally. Do you mean: BMW granted driving cabin, similar to that seen by Google, a clear rejection.

Invasion of the triangles

The most striking feature of the BMW vision next 100 is the geometry of"alive". This is nearly 800 moving triangles, which are located in the instrument panel and parts of the side panel. You communicate by movement with the driver and should act as a gesture. Similar to a flock of birds the triangles form signals for the passengers, BMW speaks here of a form "preconscious communication". To get an intuitive signal immediately before the real event. The triangles play an important role also in the driving modes: In the "boost mode" takes the riders themselves in the control, the entire car usually focuses on him, such as BMW, geared more towards pilot the centre console. This can interact while driving with gesture control. The complete front window serves as a central display for communication. Like many PlayStation game appear the racing line, turning points, and the optimum speed. In parallel, also the "geometry of alive" forms an ideal line and the like. According to BMW, it's not faster, but better driving.

Total allowed

The counterpart of the boost mode is the "ease"mode (ease: English for tranquility, convenience). Steering wheel and center console retire, the seats form a unit with the door panel. Drivers and passengers can sit easily at an angle and turn to each other. The "alive"geometry moves more restrained, information and entertainment content will be displayed on the windscreen. In which mode the special BMW currently located, illustrates a coloring of the light. The typical BMW kidney as well as the headlights and the L-shaped rear lights make this clear to the other road users.

A good friend

Last but not least, the "Companion" (English for companion, Comrade) should not be forgotten. It's a small sculpture in the form of a large polished gemstone, which is centrally located below the windscreen on the instrument panel. It symbolizes the connection between driver and car. As soon as the vehicle assumes complete responsibility, rises the companion and joins the windshield via Exchange. A corresponding light signal shows its willingness to fully autonomous driving. In certain situations, the companion are road users visual feedback. Pedestrians is indicated for example by a green light gradient in the front, in whichever direction they can safely cross the street. (rh)