BMW: 'there is More distance between the models'

AutoWeek spoke in Paris with Adrian van Hooydonk, the Dutch are the BMW's of the future considers, among other things, the new 3.

This is the second time that you are responsible for the design of the 3-series. How difficult is it to evergreen again to find out?

"If you like driving, you're already in the right mood. A 3-series should be there in the first place, the compact and sporty look, but also speed to communicate if he is stationary. Thanks to new development, we have that idea even better can apply to the seventh generation. Therefore, I would say that the language of the G20 cleaner, with less lines, but at the same time also more precisely to a particular dynamic result."

**Are you saying that we, the striking design of the G20 is partly on the technique to to thank? ** "So you might ask, because technically, there is now more possible. An example: a line neatly over one and the same body panel, is one thing. The same line about four panels to pass through, however, is something very different, especially if the four faces out of different materials, such as steel and aluminum or plastic and carbon. There is BMW in the last few years much better with a significant other 3-series."

**This also applies for the interior? ** "Yes, of course, also inside we have the one and the other cleaned up. The cockpit of the 3-series is more and more digitized, with voice controls and a new set of instruments. That makes for a cleanere look, while more precise techniques for a better fit and finish concerns. So you could say that the technology helps us to make better designs to be realized, although at the same time, new challenges come. The safety requirements are no less, and the number of sensors increases steadily. Up to us to ensure that the driver is there as little as possible to see or notice."

**Is it naive to think that a sports car like the Z4 design is a lot easier? ** "If you work for a brand draw that is only one sports car in its range, it will probably be easier out of your pen flow than the regular models. When BMW hears every model sporty, making the challenge in the Z4 is not less than a 3-series. Admittedly, designers love big wheels as far as possible on the corners, which is a lot easier to put into practice is on a Z than on a seriemodel. I can however guarantee that my team each and every project with the same enthusiasm enters into, or now the new M or the following i are concerned."

**Still, it seems like you guys nowadays, especially X-models styling. Is the expiration date of a cross-over is shorter? ** "No, not really, the life cycles of all model types are equivalent. It is, however, that we are in a year, with six discoveries: a few updates and a series of introductions, including the X2 and X7. Add that all up and you get indeed the impression that most of the SUV's launch, although that is just a snapshot. The X4 is faster to replace than normal, because it is relatively late from the previous X3 was derived. The arrival of the new X3, it was time for the modelcycli equal to pull, so the version with low roof line relatively quickly after launch."

**Is it true that the X-models also have a new designweg the solution? ** "Six innovations in the same year, such opportunity should not be let lie. That is the perfect time to a new design aesthetic to introduce. At the same time we tried to have a little more distance between the models, as you can also to the new 3-series and the current 5 can see. Previously, they were closer to each other, to the family bonds to strengthen. By models to introduce with an identity of its own, we hope our customers even more choice to offer."

**In the long term, there will be a production version of the Vision iNext-showcar. What car is that? ** "That is one of the SAV (for Sports Activity Vehicle, red.) that is located between the X5 and the X6 are going to nest. A full-EV, BMW the striker should be noted in the field of autonomous driving. Hence also that the interior is a different interpretation than we are used to, with a minimalist d├ęcor. We call it the shy-tech, as the counterpart of high-tech. The technology does not need more in the foreground, reducing the need for buttons and displays disappears. Instead, you get control elements in the substance or in the panels are processed. In short, the concept of a living space in which everything is neatly concealed."

**We even saw the word 'conviviality' popping up, what the rijdersgeori├źnteerde cockpits of BMW a hefty jump. ** "It is a different experience, that's for sure. But know that you, our vehicles are always will be able to check. As you on long journeys, to take the reins in the hands of the auto shows, however, there will be a form of leisure arise. Therefore, passengers will otherwise sit and talk to each other. What exactly they are going to do, is very individual. Hence the different seats different can be arranged: one to work, the other to watch a movie, and so on. Internal research has shown that even BMW riders don't mind to control a car, especially because they are our brand very confident."