BMW planning electric

Munich, November 4th, 2016

A nice job is to announce quarterly results, if they are good. The BMW Group is currently very round. In parallel, CEO Harald Krüger was now detailed outlooks on the future strategy of the electric.

Roadster and electric mini come BMW i8

So far, BMW according to Krüger could sell more than 60,000 i3 and over 10,000 i8. Three years after the market launch of sub-brand BMW i the second phase of the electrification will begin soon. The beginning of the i8 makes Roadster, from a near-series study was shown in January 2016 during CES in Las Vegas. From 2018, you should be available the open plug-in hybrid. 2019, the first standard mini electric follows after 2009 there was a mini E, which was only a testbed built in sailors.

Direct attack on Tesla

This shows: BMW will change its strategy and the pure Elektromobililtät in the future into the core brands. In the year 2020, the electric BMW appears X 3 using the next generation of the SUV as a basis. For 2021 Krüger announces the debut of the "iNEXT" electric cars above the i3. The iNEXT may be a direct match for the Tesla model 3. By the way: The "next to the birthday of the Group shown 100" studies are planned for a long-term future. These vehicles are a vision for the period from 2030.(rh) according to Kruger