BMW M4 GTS: Finally, all data

Munich, October 7 2015

Already the world premiere at the Concours d' Elegance in Pebble Beach ( 11 to 16 August 2015) caught the BMW M4 GTS plenty of attention. The super lightweight athlete was indeed time to admire in all its glory, but the most interesting facts kept secret by the manufacturer. Now finally lets the cat out of the bag BMW and reveals all the details.

3.8 seconds from zero to 100

The race car with MOT approval is based on the 2014 introduced M4 coupe. He also created the three-liter twin-turbo unit which inspires the GTS to sparkling performance. In crisp 3.8 seconds the sportiest M4 prescht to 100 and is electronically only at 305 km / h. By comparison, the normal M4 with M double-clutch transmission ( M - DCT) breaks the 100 mark after 4.1 seconds, and 250 km / h.

Power Push to 500 hp

In order to allow GTS the more radical values ​​, BMW reaches deep into the technology - tricks: An automatic water injection pushes the output of 431 to 500 hp, maximum torque wummert at 600 Newton meters, which is 50 more than in also not weak production model. The system comes from the M4 MotoGP safety car and how it works: Depending on the load, speed and temperature is a fine water mist sprayed into the collector of the intake module. Evaporation cools the water the intake air so down. The combustion efficiency rises ?? and so there's more oomph. The power-generating wet flows from a five-liter tank under the boot floor. There are also located the water pump as well as sensors and valves.

radical diet

BMW has slimmed the GTS compared to the civilian model mercilessly. The unladen weight of 1510 kg Munich ?? that is about 100 kilograms less than its series - M4 with M - DKG. Accordingly, the power to weight ratio is 3.0 kg per hp. Hood and roof made ​​of CFRP were made ​​to streamline, the rear silencer is made of titanium ( which brings 20 percent weight loss ) and the rear diffuser comes as part of Carbon. In the course of numerous other dietary measures has mounted lightweight bucket seats, slimmed down the door and side panels and the door handles replaced by loops. In addition, the GTS omitted backseat.

Ceramic carbon brake factory

The power is sent via a seven-speed M double-clutch transmission on the rear axle, drive-Logic - circuit programs and Launch Control have been adapted to the increased performance. Chassis side, the GTS an individually adjustable in compression and rebound three-way M - coilover suspension. Contact with the ground are particularly lightweight forged wheels ago. They are covered with specially tailored to the M4 GTA Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires ?? forward in the size 265/35 R19, rear 285/30 R20 in. Behind the spokes look out the windows of the standard carbon ceramic braking system. The aerodynamic peculiarities include a can not be overlooked rear wing and an adjustable front splitter.

Market launch in March 2016

The M4 GTS continues fine tradition especially sharp sports equipment in the M3 / M4 series. 1988 took over the M3 Evolution was the first the role of the most egregious M3. This was followed by the M3 Sport Evolution (1990 ), the M3 GT ( 1995), the M3 CSL ( 2003), the M3 GTS (2010) and the M3 CRT ( 2011). The latest model will be now in March 2016 to buy at the price of 142,600 euros. Thus, it is almost twice as expensive as the comparable M4 - series model with M DKG for 76,400 euros. Nevertheless: If you want one, should be fast: There will be only 700 M4 GTS . ( hd )