BMW M4 Cabrio Edition 30 years

Munich, 20. February 2018

30 years ago, the BMW M GmbH has expanded its model program to an open car. From the summer of 1988, the M3 convertible offered to the Fans of track-proven engine and chassis technology under the open sky. To celebrate the anniversary, the current model, the M4 convertible will be launched as a special model.

With The Competition Package

The BMW M4 Cabrio Edition 30 years is limited to 300 vehicles and comes with the Competition package. Thus, the open-top four-seater offers 450 HP, a sport exhaust system, an adaptive suspension with a specific Sport mode as well as a sporty tuning of the ESP and differential lock. To designed Design and features are specifically.

Dark blue or bright yellow

For the special edition of a very dark Blue and bright Yellow as the outside color to choice. Standard equipment includes a glossy black grille, and forged 20-inch light-alloy wheels in Matt grey. Inside, there is a to the selected paint matching Merino leather upholstery with stitching and piping in contrasting colour. To carbon bars. Imprinted on door sills and headrests, and as a Signet on the interior of the passenger side bar is the text "Edition 30 years". Also, the words "1/300" as a note on the limited edition BMW has thought of that. A price for the special model, the manufacturer is not called. The normal M3 convertible with Competition package costs, however, already 91.900 euros.

First Generation with 195 HP

The first M3 convertible was a 2.3-Liter, four-cylinder with 195 horsepower under the hood. The chassis and the striking wheel arch extensions came from the three-door saloon, the car designed specifically for the tour-racing had not been developed. With 786 PCs the first Generation was the most exclusive version of the M3 convertible. It was produced until 1991, most recently with 215 HP. The second Generation followed in 1994. Here is a 286-horsepower series made six-cylinder for propulsion, and two years later 321 HP. Always on Board with a rollover protection system with automatically extending bars behind the headrests. In 2001, the third Version started with a 343 HP, the new range of sixes. In addition to the high-speed Motor, a variable differential caused a lock, Compound brakes, and sport seats with integrated belts for a racing Feel.

Fourth Version with a V8

For the fourth, in 2008, introduced a Generation of engineers had to transfer the high-speed concept on a V8 engine with 420 HP – which led to a distinctive Sound. For the first time, there was a electro-hydraulic retractable Hardtop. With the launch of the fifth Generation in 2014, the M4 convertible was out of the M3 convertible. The engine is a in-line six-cylinder that produces normally (without Competition package) 431 PS now acts again.(sl)