BMW i3: Coal Transportation

Munich, November 6, 2015

In describing the BMW i3 accommodate the word " coal " until now was not difficult: He is the first series - BMW, whose body from kohlenstofffaserverstärkem plastic ?? also known as carboxylic ?? consists. From Poland now comes another reason to do so: In Warsaw the electrical Munich is now being used as a money transporter.

Order Per App

The idea behind it is fairly new: Business people can request the bank by car app and so leave their daily receipts to pick up at the shop door. It should only take 30 minutes until the car spot is, the shopkeeper sees the car's location also thanks to GPS location on a map on the phone. To the guards BMW does not reveal much, but it should be the " usual safety technology" of money transporters. Driver and front passenger are also specially trained. For the future, the Idea Bank plans to use the i3 as mobile ATMs.

Police, firefighters and racing

This expands the circle of public appeal institutions that use the compact Stromer. Only recently were three i3 provided as patrol cars in the service of the Bavarian police. And also in Milan, Los Angeles and London are the electric BMWs already in the fleets of police and firefighters go. Even a Medical Car based on the i3 are there ?? ?? obvious in the FIA Formula E World Cup 2015/16.

Equipment ex works

Depending on the application, the cars are already equipped from the factory with the corresponding foliations and roof beams. A special signaling system, front and rear flasher and horn speaker ensure that the i3 is actually perceived. Even a digital Funkvorrüstung belongs to the scope of equipment. In addition, the car can be by means of a permanently installed SIM card also intelligently networked. This is based on the BMW ConnectedDrive system is called Connected Rescue. It allows all the important information ?? among other things, address, due to the use and contact ?? to be transmitted from the control center to the vehicle. The transmitted coordinates or addresses are transferred directly to the navigation system. This prevents transmission errors and the driver can concentrate on the traffic.

In 7.2 seconds from zero to 100

For operations of the i3 can incidentally be quite fast on the road: Its 170-hp electric motor accelerates it in 7.2 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. The lithium-ion high-voltage battery allows BMW loud a range of up to 160 kilometers in everyday operation. To recharge a conventional household electrical outlet, a BMW-i wallbox or a public charging station can be used. Depending on the connection charging takes 30 minutes to eight hours . ( hd )