BMW brings Super diesel and new gasoline engine

Munich, 17 may 2016

Traditionally, BMW uses the summer of each year for model care measures. While sometimes the changes only with a magnifying glass to discover are really 2016 to the thing. This ensures not only the most powerful diesel engine ever for BMW, but also new units in the 1st - and 2nd row.

Mega diesel in the 7-series

In the BMW 750 xDrive and its long version 750 ld xDrive debuting a completely newly developed six-cylinder diesel. He picks out three litres of engine capacity 400 HP. make possible the four turbochargers that are co-ordinated. 760 nm of maximum torque are always released with a standard all-wheel drive on the road. Is the Sprint from zero to 100 km/h in 4.6 seconds (long version: 4.7 seconds), specifies the official consumption values BMW with 5.7 to 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

New: iPerformance BMW 740e

The plug-in hybrid models of the 7-series are even more economical (on paper). You mean 740e iPerformance, 740Le iPerformance and 740 Le xDrive iPerformance. Her system is 326 HP, depending on the version, purely electric driving between 41 and 48 kilometres are possible. The values in the Sprint to 100 km/h range from 5.3 to 5.5 seconds, the CO2 emissions by 45 to 56 grams per kilometre. The clean Sevens are available from July 2016, in parallel in the future also the already existing plug-in hybrid of the BMW of brand carry the suffix "iPerformance". Visually recognizable 740e, 225xe active tourer, 330e and X 5 xDrive40e are then at BMW-i logos on the front side panels, blue hub covers and blue-colored decorative rods in the kidney. Who does not want that may also cancel the decoration.

M140i instead of M135i

New numbers the fans of the opposing 1 - and 2-series get used. In the M140i and M240i, a newly developed three-liter turbo gasoline engine with six cylinders is done from July 2016. He offers instead of the previous 326 PS in the M135i and M235i then whopping 340 PS, what the level of performance of the old BMW Coupé 1 series M is achieved. The previous values of the Sprint to 100 km/h are undercut by up to 0.3 seconds, with automatic and all-wheel drive takes the acceleration just 4.4 seconds.

replaces the 228i 230i

New four-cylinder gasoline engine back in the program: the BMW 120i retains its number, is gaining ground but to seven HP to now 184 HP. Also seven more Horsepower are on the 125i, which then 224 horsepower. The previous 228i is replaced the summer 2016 of the 230i, both as a Coupé and convertible. The more power? Right: Also here seven PS on now 252 horsepower. With automatic transmission, it's Coupé in the 230i in 5.6 seconds to 100 km/h, parallel the consumption less than six litres has been pressed. (rh)