BMW 3-series: bound by Tradition

Munich, 21. July 2017

More than 15 million built vehicles in 42 years: The speech is not from the VW Golf, but the BMW 3-series. Some Retro-return handles now afford the new edition models for the sedan and the Touring.

Significant Changes

Since we how many inches separate the sedan mentioned: you Know, the 3-series of 1975 from today's model? With 4.35 metres, he is 28 inches shorter and, in addition, to 1.61 metres 20 centimetres narrower than the 3 series of the year 2017. And also the performance of the 1977 introduced the six-cylinder is now regarded almost as a base motorization: 122 HP, it was in the carburetor-320, 143 HP in the 323i. For comparison: Among 116 HP 316d nothing is currently running.

LED lamps now standard

What's New in the current 3 series BMW? All models get the factory LED headlights plus LED fog lamps. The optional Top-Navi has a touch screen function, also at a surcharge there is a instrument display with various digital presentation options.

Black is always

As a complement to the existing equipment lines, BMW is also offering special-edition models. The "Sport Line" and the "M Sport"variant as a "Shadow", the "Luxury Line" as "Purity". Limitations in the engines, there is not, from 316d to the 340i, anything is possible. Long-serving BMW Fans know the Shadow-Line from the 1980s. You will now be linked, shade (Translation from English) program. All that glitters is darkened, as are the rear lights, special 18-inch-Alus.

Noble Shine

What is the "Purity"Version of the "Luxury Line"? Simply put, there is carried out all, what is the "Shadow" eindunkelt, in satin aluminum. Standard are 17-inch rims, as well as a leather interior. For you BMW keeps the new colours of "Cognac". The surcharge for the 3 editions is in the "Luxury Line" moderate 150 Euro, in the "Shadow"lines there are between 650 and 1,300 euros.(rh)