Blockbuster with new car Stars

Detroit, June 24, 2014

"For the resolute strength of the Chinese military is stressed, the cool and composed remains at risk and at the same time victorious. " It is hard to believe, but with this set describes the Chinese carmaker GAC engine the performance of his model GA5 in the movie Transformers 4 The main cast of Chevrolet, therefore, shares from 17 July 2014 GAC an advertising platform in excess length. If you look at that? In any case.

Hasbro, the army and Co.

Directed by Michael Bay $ 165 million were invested in the fourth installment of the film series. At the core investors of the franchise Transformers product is not only one of the toy manufacturer Hasbro. The American armed forces and General Motors are also included. Michael Bay directed in his Transformer movies that are just so packed with effect fireworks, especially of: advertising.

Flap and action!

The story of the Chevrolet Camaro named Bumblebee, as a protector of human protagonist and an advocate of freedom for all sentient beings, could hardly be more American. A native of the seventies, broken and rusty Camaro second-generation transformed not only into a towering robot, but also in the still in the concept phase plug end, fifth-generation model of the car. With only a few cuts the image of automobiles dinosaur was successfully transferred to a new plate dress.

A little make-up please

How is that with starlets such, it needs a new look for new gigs. Since making robots from another planet appears to be no exception. The Camaro received this in part 2 and 3 of Transformers always new outfits and a syringe Botox. Black rally stripes, an air scoop on the hood and a different front bumper made ​​the bumblebee steel fit for the red carpet. Trained it was: In the third part the stronger variant was with the addition of SS to film star.

Growth and from under the knife

But if Botox and a bit of sport not help, then often passes no more because the way to lie down under the knife. Then bring Chevrolet for the upcoming film not only a whole new Camaro on the canvas, the stand is even more aggressive and muscular, but expanded his cinematic equivalent range of vehicles for more heroes. From now on, viewers can look forward about advertising in excess length for the Corvette C7, the Chevrolet Sonic and the small SUV Trax.

The franchise is growing

The advertising strategists of GAC engine must have been thrilled by the image-building in the glossy format. Franchise is finally expandable and attracts exceptionally no plagiarism with it. Now also get vehicles from the Chinese manufacturer their paid gig. According to the press release, of course, a no-brainer: " GAC engine, the vehicle of choice for Chinese government officials, the richest person in the world and the famous film star Li Bingbing. " Ever heard of it? Neither do we.

Series and Concept

The Chinese provide the GA5, a thoroughly Chinese mid-size sedan, not just a series, but in addition, a concept car for the film. Whether this concept car ready for series production, still written in the stars. However, it is rumored that Michael Bay would be happy if GAC engine one day, a model named " Michael Bay " releases. Fits somehow about science fiction.

Curtain and film from

The premiere of the film took place in any event held under a lucky star. This time did not open the curtain in Hollywood, but on 19 June 2014 in Hong Kong. And one thing we have learned: After the movie should be the change of movie tickets to travel and face a Chevrolet or a vehicle of GAC engine in the garage. In case of an interstellar war probably the best survival strategy. (ml )