Best-selling power

Los Angeles (United States), 21 November 2016

Recently, VW was the complete facelift of the Gulf. Now the electric version, the e-Golf, will be revamped. The changes at the Los Angeles Auto Show (18th to 27th November 2016) are presented.

Further, but not very far

The most important point concerns the range: here presented competitors such as the BMW i3, but also the new Opel Ampera-e. Therefore, VW builds a bigger battery in the e-Golf of the year 2017, which is manufactured in Dresden, Germany from April. The lithium-ion battery stores energy now 35.8 kilowatt-hours instead hitherto 24.2 kilowatt hours. In the "new European driving cycle" (NEDC), this gives a range of up to 300 kilometers. But VW itself is aware of the doubtful validity of information in the NEDC and is heard on record, that the e-Golf "in the customer relevant annual average depending on the driving style and usage of the air conditioning up to 200 kilometres" lays back.

More power for more liveliness

The 15 kilowatt electric motor has become stronger with 100 kilowatts (equal to 136 PS). The maximum torque is also on 290 nm. VW is the NEDC average fuel consumption of the new e-Golf with 12.7 kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometers. The Sprint from zero to 100 km/h Stromer in 9.6 seconds, maximum 150 things in there. On a quick-loading upright (40 kW) the battery is charged within an hour back to 80 per cent, to file on a wall box (7.2 kW) less than six hours for 100 percent.

Large touchscreen with gesture control

From the golf-face lift the e-Golf takes over not only the LED headlights and LED taillights. Digital instruments and a 9.2-inch Infotainment system with gesture control are standard. If you like, get also a storage Wizard or a pedestrian detection for the city emergency braking function. At the price of 2017er e Golf VW does not react yet. So far, he started at 34,900 euros without deduction of State premium. Cannot be ruled out is that VW remains with this amount, to put a sign out to E-mobility. (rh)