Audi „simplified“ performance recognition

Ingolstadt, 23. August 2017

If you like Audi quite a lot of models in the program, all on a lot of drive derivatives, it can be the exact designation on the rear lid tight. And because you could apparently distinguish, so far, to bad, whether in front of a well of the 2.0 TDI with 90 kW and the 2.0 TDI with 140 kW was on the road, has decided to Audi, to complement the model by two further Figures. Whether it is, rather, a worse improvement? You decide for yourself.

In five increments from 30 to 70

The performance label apply for the worldwide Audi-automotive-supply. For vehicles with an internal combustion engine, as well as for e-tron models with Hybrid or electric drive. So far, so understandable. The reference for the new type designation of the drive power of the respective model in kilowatts. The model range is divided into levels of performance – represented by two-digit numeral combinations, the increases in five steps depending on the hierarchy within the range of 30 to 70.

The exact distribution and the special cases

So the "30 is, for example," at the rear of those models, the between 81 and 96 kW. "45" is marked in the power range from 169 to 185 kW. The tip (about 400 kW) is marked with the number "70". Behind the respective engine technology, in – TFSI, TDI, e-tron or e-tron. Come? No? Then we continue to do the same with the exceptions: A special position in the program of the S and RS models and the Audi R8. They retain their classic naming and to refer "to the top position in the model range".

Until the summer of 2018, all model series,

Why the change? The Declaration provides us Audi-Marketing-management Board Dietmar Voggenreiter: "With the increasing relevance of alternative drive technologies and engine displacement as the power will lose feature for our customers in importance. The clear logic of the future labelling to drive performance makes it possible to differentiate the supply of the power stages." Aha. From the autumn of 2017 we need to get used to the new nomenclature, if the Audi A8 comes to the market. So the 3.0 TDI starts with 210 kW Audi A8 50 TDI 250 kW 3.0 TFSI comes as A8 55 TSFI to the dealer. Until the summer of 2018 will be all of the model series changed.(ml)