Audi R8 debuts competition in L.A.

Herndon ( USA ), October 29, 2014

Mid-engine sports car fans: It might be worthwhile to look between 21 and 30 November 2014, on the Auto Show in Los Angeles over. There is a strictly limited edition of the Audi R8 will have premiere. According to Audi America President Scott Keogh, the R8 Competition is the next closest road vehicle for successful GT3 racing car R8 LMS Ultra. Because Keogh could be right, because both the optics and the technical data speak for a racing street legal adaptation.

Racing suspect engine and performance

In 3.3 seconds is the fastest Audi cars ever left the factory in Neckarsulm, complete the sprint from zero to 100 km / h. Do not delay at an early stage with the ceramic brakes and the red six-piston calipers, the acceleration up to a top speed orgies of 320 km / h can celebrate. For this, the vehicle removed from the GT - Ten Education, which draws 570 hp from 5.2 liters capacity, in combination with the built-in Competition seven-speed automatic. Provides

The look exudes racing atmosphere

To stay with the estimated performance on the basis of facts, perched at the stern a permanently installed carbon fiber wing. Will support the contact pressure through a front spoiler, side blades and a rear diffuser. All made of carbon fiber composite course. In general, the black and light fabric seems to be the program: To testify the side mirrors, engine cover or the rear lateral air intakes, but also the center console and the interior door sills from the consistent lightweight construction principle.

60 units only for the USA

Too bad that the limited edition of 60 vehicles Edition is intended for the USA. The inhabitants of the land of unlimited possibilities may even pick up the phone soon have to put up with the Audi-dealer of their choice in connection. Because must be ordered before the debut in LA Ingolstadt say to price the way anything yet. One could but follow two basic rates: A R8 V10 Plus is to have new from 175,700 euros, an R8 LMS Ultra you can ask for 403,410 euros in the private pits. After Adam Riese the R8 Competition is expected to be somewhere around 290,000 euros . (ml)