Audi Q6 comes as an e- car

Ingolstadt, August 19, 2015

That the Audi Q6 comes, is rumored for some time. At the IAA 2015 ( 17 to 27 September ), the Ingolstadt now want to show the Audi e-tron quattro concept. And this much is certain: The SUV study is a concrete outlook for the first mass-produced electric car brand.

Between Q5 and Q7

The concept car is based, as well as the latest generations of A4 and Q7, on the modular longitudinal second generation. According to the manufacturer, the concept car in length to fit exactly between Q5 and Q7. The name Q6 was officially not yet confirmed, but is likely to be regarded as set. Visually, the study shows a blend of SUV and Coupé, the BMW X6 and Mercedes Coupé GLE be as opponents thus targeted. But is of particular interest to the drive of the four-seater: It should come as a pure electric car on the market in 2018. That expands the list of competitors to Stromer as the planned Tesla SUV Model X.

Three electric motors

The information about the Audi study flow still scarce, in addition to some sketches, the company has pushed out a few details to the drive. The e-tron shown at the IAA quattro concept is advanced by three electric motors, one driving the front, two rear axle. The motors are powered by a large lithium-ion battery, which is mounted between the axles and the passenger compartment. This mounting position ensures a low center of gravity and a balanced weight distribution.

No performance figures yet

To the performance data the manufacturer has not yet ruled, we expect at least 500 hp from. The charging time for the battery have not been betrayed. But but the range: The Q6 is more than 500 km to go far. If this can be put into practice, which is a respectable value. In order to achieve the high removal was also filed on the air resistance: Moving aerodynamic elements at the front, on the flanks and at the rear to improve the flow around the car ?? In addition, the aerodynamically optimized underbody is completely closed . ( hd )